Cowboys running low-percentage routes

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

PITTSBURGH -- If you're wondering how the Cowboys are still in this game, you're not alone. They've had turnovers on four of their seven possessions.

On the last turnover, quarterback Tony Romo tried to lead Terrell Owens, who was one-on-one with cornerback Ike Taylor. Romo didn't put enough on the throw and Taylor had an easy interception.

It's obviously Romo's fault for making a poor throw, but it's also worth noting that it looked like a poorly designed play. Ownes still doesn't have a catch -- and two of the throws in his direction resulted in interceptions.

Romo's at his best during hurry-up situations, so maybe the Cowboys can finish the half on a high note. Romo's accounted for three turnovers and Tra Battle had the other one when he allowed a Steelers punt to hit him. It's one of the few times this season where an awful punt has actually helped Pittsburgh.

I miss the great Sepulveda.