Eagles employee sorry for spitting on star


In case you missed, it's been "big" news in Dallas this week that an Eagles employee spat on the Cowboys star before Sunday's game. Dave Spadaro, the club's director of Internet development, has now apologized for his Spudcam video. Is anyone out there really worked up over an Internet reporter spitting on the star? I'm told the Cowboys' flagship radio station was highly offended by this act. Here's part of Spadaro's apology:

"As you may have seen, I went too far with my Spudcam video prior to Sunday's game against the Cowboys. Acting alone, and without permission from the Eagles organization, I walked out to the middle of the field at Cowboys Stadium and spit on the Cowboys star, and for that I deeply apologize to the outstanding Cowboys organization and the fine people there, from Jerry Jones to the rest of the team."

I don't really know Spadaro, but I'm told he's a nice guy. He was trying to have a little fun before the game and he got carried away. Now that we've dealt with this North Texas crisis, let's move on to talking about football.