Eagles' D getting a free pass?

Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Phil Sheridan wonders why the defense hasn't received more blame for the team's big-game failures of the past. Sheridan admits that quarterback Donovan McNabb deserves some of the blame, but says it's unfair to single him out when the defense has done little to distinguish itself in big games during the Andy Reid era.

He also brings up an interesting point about the '07 draft. That's when the Eagles traded out of the first round and selected Houston quarterback Kevin Kolb in the second. The Cowboys acquired that first-round pick and used it on outside linebacker Anthony Spencer, who has been a beast over the past six games.

"So, not only did the Eagles fail to get an impact player with the pick, but they allowed a division rival to get one instead," writes Sheridan. "Remember that when watching the replay of Spencer slapping the ball out of McNabb's hand."

The Eagles' defense has been feast or famine this season. Their 25 interceptions are impressive, but they've also allowed 27 passing touchdowns. More than half of those (15) have come against the blitz. I have a feeling that defensive coordinator Sean McDermott will blitz from everywhere Saturday night. There's really no use in playing conservative at this point. You have to force Tony Romo's hand -- and be willing to live with the consequences.