Cowboys drama brings back memories for Eagles

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

I was talking to longtime Eagles offensive tackle Jon Runyan about his knee injury Saturday night when our conversation shifted to his former teammate Terrell Owens. Runyan's one of those veteran players who has a great sense of perspective, so I couldn't help but ask him about the latest T.O. saga.

"It's a 24-hour soap opera," he joked. "That's his personality. People think it's gonna change, but that's how you are. When things are going good, everything's great. But when it goes bad, people's true colors come out."

Runyan said he was listening to sports-talk radio (WIP) Saturday morning in Philly and heard former Eagles defensive end Hugh Douglas talking about a reported verbal altercation Friday between T.O. and Cowboys tight end Jason Witten. Runyan saw the obvious irony, because it was Douglas' altercation with T.O. that helped signal the end of the receiver's tenure with the Eagles in 2005. Douglas was the club's ambassador to fans at the time, and he's now a local radio personality.

"It's already happened here," Runyan said. "We know exactly what they're going through. The problem is that it divides the team. People are drawing lines and taking sides."

For the record, Runyan said he expects to start against the Browns on Monday. He practiced Wednesday before sitting out the next three days.

"Yeah, I don't think it's in doubt," he said of his status.