What if Garrett had been coach from Day 1?


For my weekly ESPNDallas.com column, I looked at what the Dallas Cowboys' record would have been had Jason Garrett taken over as head coach in early August instead of November. How much differently would Garrett have handled training camp? Would he have led this team to a road win over the Washington Redskins?

I realize this is an exercise in futility, but go ahead and read the column anyway. Knowing what Garrett has brought to the table over the past month, what do you think the Cowboys' record would be had he been the head coach to start the season? Here's what I came up with:

I think the Cowboys would've still stumbled at home against the Bears the following week, but they would've been 2-1 following a road win at Houston. With a stern disciplinarian such as Garrett at the helm, the Cowboys would've taken care of Tennessee and Jacksonville at home. And I honestly think they would be 6-5 right now instead of 3-8. And that's the biggest reason why Garrett will be the head coach next season.

I guarantee you Jerry Jones has played all those games over again in his head with Garrett as head coach, and he probably has the Cowboys at 8-3. We were correct in criticizing Garrett the offensive coordinator for his role in the Cowboys' disgraceful start, but we didn't realize the man would have such mad skills as head coach.

Do you guys think 6-5 is too optimistic or do you think Garrett would've had the Cowboys in even better shape? Let me hear from you.