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Friday, May 29, 2009
Maclin answers your (excellent) questions

By Dan Graziano

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Many of you (perhaps thousands) responded to my invitation to send questions to Eagles rookie wide receiver Jeremy Maclin on Thursday. I chose four of the questions to ask on your behalf. If your name is called, please take a dramatic bow:

  Hunter Martin/Getty Images
  Jeremy Maclin is focusing on consistency with his routes.

PhiladelphiasFavSon asked this question at 12:40 p.m. ET on Thursday: I know the veteran WRs will have some tricks of the trade to show you, but have you learned anything from our veteran DBs? I would think being able to line up against and pick the brain of a great corner like Asante [Samuel] would definitely be a big help in the transition to the pros, and a boost to your game. Any tricks of the trade from the defensive side?

Maclin: I had a few times in the first minicamp where it hit me that I was going up against some pretty amazing players. Going against [Ellis] Hobbs, Asante, [Sheldon] Brown and [Joselio] Hanson ends up making you better. It got very competitive in 7-on-7 drills.

Mosley's follow up to PhiladelphiasFavSon: I'm assuming you didn't face a lot of press coverage in the Big 12?

Maclin: Every time they tried to press me, it didn't work out too well for them. So, no, not a lot.

tmscfinest wants to know about Maclin's route running: Jeremy, regardless of where you are lined up on the field, the three most important elements of the West Coast offense as a WR is good route running, speed and smarts/field awareness. Your route running has been noted as the part of your game that needs improvement. What have you done to work on that?

Maclin: All of the veteran guys have been showing me the ropes. I've already grown a lot in that area. We ran a lot of no-huddle in college, and there wasn't as much downfield stuff. There were 10-yard and 12-yard routes with options. Fortunately, I've always been able to pick things up pretty easily. The main thing is for me to become consistent on how I run the routes. Consistency will be key.

kevcorcoran1 begins with an editorial statement: J-Mac, congratulations on joining the Eagles, and the city with the greatest fan base in sports. Question: who was your favorite team growing up, and did you follow the Eagles at all during your time at Mizzou?

Maclin: I grew up in the St. Louis area, so I was a big fan of "The Greatest Show on Turf." Those guys did it all. My favorite receiver was Torry Holt. He ran great routes and always made plays. Other teams knew what was coming, but they couldn't stop it. And I always knew how the Eagles were doing, although they weren't my team at the time.

Mosley follow up to kevcorcoran: Are you getting settled in yet in Philly?

Maclin: I haven't even started looking for a place yet. It's not like I already have a bunch of money to spend on a home. I've actually been helping Jason Smith (No. 2 overall to the Rams and former Baylor University left tackle) find a good place to live in St. Louis).

Mosley: You only played the two seasons at Mizzou. How tough a decision was it to leave early?

Maclin: It was very tough. I cried at my press conference. Being part of a great, great team is something pretty special. Winning's supposed to be fun, and that's the way it was at Missouri. I probably talk to one of my former teammates every day. There are about six to seven of us that are [close friends].

JSmith731 has a McNabb-related question: Do you plan on working out with [Donovan] McNabb in Arizona?

Maclin: I haven't figured that out yet. Everyone's been asking me that. I've got to speak with Donovan.

Thanks again for your participation. Any requests for my next NFC East exclusive interview via phone?