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Tuesday, April 3, 2012
Today in manufactured NFL draft intrigue

By Dan Graziano

So Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay tweeted that the team was having a private workout today with Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and that they wanted to have one as well with Robert Griffin III but that Griffin's agent turned them down. This has, as everything that has anything to do with the NFL does in the age of Twitter, become a huge deal.

Knowing that it's certain to fall on deaf ears, I hereby offer a plea for everyone to relax. We'll never make it through the next 23 days if we keep up like this. Do you want to know what it means that Griffin turned down the Colts' invitation for a private workout? Nothing. Ab. So. Lutel. Ly. Nothing.

There is no event in sports (other, apparently, than uniform unveiling) for which the hype and anticipation exceeds the quality and importance of the thing itself than the NFL draft. And part of the outsized hype is this desperate need to find clues in every little thing everyone says and does. Here are some key things to remember, on this Griffin issue and in general:
The overwhelming likelihood is that the Colts are taking Luck and have known it for some time, and that the Redskins will get Griffin. But nothing that's happening today offers any viable clues about this. And if you're the Redskins -- and this really is the most important point I can make here -- it doesn't matter. Andrew Luck is your worst-case scenario? Plenty of teams would trade places with you.