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Sunday, December 6, 2009
The Skins' play-calling madness

By Dan Graziano

Watching the Redskins and Eagles on TV last Sunday, it was entertaining to hear Fox analyst Daryl Johnston try to break down Washington's playcalling process. Vinny Cerrato's hand-picked play-caller, Sherm Lewis, rarely talks to the quarterback Jason Campbell during the week, so it's a little odd that he's the one calling a lot of the plays.

But a triple-byline effort in The Washington Post on Sunday takes a deeper look at how the Redskins come up with a game plan. Talk about a lot of cooks in the kitchen. I can't imagine any other team in the league divides the workload in such a confusing manner. After reading this story, it looks like offensive assistant Chris Meidt has had a lot more say in calling plays than we have credited him for. It's also interesting to read what Jim Zorn's hand-picked offensive coordinator Sherman Smith said about the head coach:

"It was very difficult on Jim," Smith said of Zorn being stripped of his play-calling duties. "I don't think a lot of people understand just how much it bothered him, it hurt him, because he took it personally as a personal failure on his part. He felt like he had let the team down. He felt bad he had let Dan down, so he just was carrying all this guilt, I want to say, on himself, and he shouldn't have. But he's handled it well. It's been tough, but every day he comes in and he's being positive. He wants to be successful. He wants the team to do well. He's been a great example to all of us."