Eagles fall in Power Rankings

Each and every Tuesday during the NFL season (and at least 17 times in the offseason), we release ESPN.com's prestigious Power Rankings, which send shockwaves throughout the league. Here's a look at the Week 13 rankings, which were released earlier this afternoon by the town crier in Bristol, Conn.

NFC West blogger Mike Sando has once again pulled back the curtain on our mysterious voting process and given you the opportunity to download all sorts of exclusive material. The NFC East was looking good last week, but three teams lost in Week 12, thus damaging the division's reputation across the league. Let's now go beyond the numbers and see what our four panelists were thinking:

9. Philadelphia Eagles -- The Eagles had soared to No. 6, but a 31-26 road loss to the Chicago Bears caused them to drop three spots in the rankings. AFC North blogger James Walker gave the Eagles a charitable No. 8 vote, but the other three voters had them at "9."

10. New York Giants -- I guess no one was particularly impressed with that 24-20 comeback win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Giants stayed in the same spot after improving to 7-4. Sando was pretty harsh with a "13" on his ballot, but AFC South blogger Paul Kuharsky and John "The Professor" Clayton saved the day by marking "10s." Sando had the Chargers, Chiefs and Bucs in front of the Giants. I encourage you to get in touch with him at your earliest convenience.

21. Washington Redskins -- I feel like the panel has grown tired of the Redskins. They dropped them three spots from No. 18 and that's about where the Skins will stay the rest of the season. Kuharsky scoffed at the Skins with his "22" vote, but Walker neutralized that vote with his curious "18."

26. Dallas Cowboys -- The Cowboys fell two spots despite the efforts of Walker, who really stuck up for the Beast this week. Clayton's "No. 28" vote was the final nail in the Cowboys' Power Rankings coffin. It's hard to imagine the Cowboys cracking the top 20 again this season.

With the Eagles, Cowboys and Redskins combining to fall eight spots in the rankings, the NFC East fell from third to fifth in the overall rankings. What an utter embarrassment. Walker did his best to keep the Beast afloat with a 15.25 average ranking, but Sando cackled as his 17.25 average was released to the public Tuesday.