NFC East: 2011 CBA

Podcast: Eagles WR DeSean Jackson

April, 14, 2011
Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson says NFL players will feel the lockout when they start missing game checks and shares whether he'd be open to an 18-game schedule. He also talks about being unpopular in New York.
Hooray for the New York Giants, who became the first NFL team to my knowledge to publicly acknowledge the impropriety of demanding payment for season tickets during a lockout. According to multiple reports, the Giants have altered their payment calendar so that no money would change hands until NFL owners and players agree on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Full payment for tickets was due on May 1, but according to's Ohm Youngmisuk, the Giants are giving ticket holders the option of deferring payment until a new CBA is reached. That solves my central gripe on this issue: teams asking their fans to provide working capital during a lockout that, unless it is lifted, will result in the failure to deliver the product.

All NFL teams would eventually refund ticket payments for canceled games, but only after having it at their disposal for six months or more.

I don't have the exact deadlines for each NFC North team, but I do know the Chicago Bears have asked for full payment by April 7 and the Minnesota Vikings by May 23. Here's hoping that some, if not all, of our teams heed the Giants' example and treat their best customers with a little more financial dignity.

Dallas' Jerry Jones: We'll get it done

March, 12, 2011
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was one of three NFL owners who met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and a federal meditor Friday as part of the labor committee.

Jones is still confident the union issues will get solved.

"The answer is, we’ll get it done," Jones told reporters. "The answer is, we won’t miss any football. Certainly, that is our goal. Their move into litigation will ultimately result in going right back into negotiation, in our view."'s Calvin Watkins has more from the Dallas owner.
John Mara has been a fixture at the NFL labor negotiations for the past couple of weeks for the owners and he expressed disappointment the players union has filed for decertification.

The respected Giants president and CEO said he never got the feeling that the players were serious about negotiating.

“This obviously is a very disappointing day for all of us,” Mara said at a news conference in Washington. “I have been here for the better part of two weeks now and essentially during that two week period, the union’s position on the core economic issues has not changed one iota. Their position has basically been take it or leave it. And in effect they have been at the same position since last September.”

Mara explained the owners made a proposal to the players union but he never got the impression the union was going to budge.

“We made an offer to them today to basically split the difference between the two sides,” Mara said. “We made that at approximately 12:00 and at 4:00 they came back and said it was insufficient. They apparently have decided to decertify.

“One thing that became painfully apparent to me during this period was that their objective was to go the litigation route,” Mara continued. “I think that they believe that gives them the best leverage. I never really got the feeling during the past two weeks that they were serious about negotiating and it is unfortunate because that’s not what collective bargaining is all about. I think eventually we will be back at the table but unfortunately now we will have to go through this process in court.”