Campbell deserves our praise

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

If you haven't found a spot on the Jason Campbell bandwagon, I've started a waiting list. We began the season talking about how Eli Manning, Donovan McNabb and Tony Romo could all be considered top-five quarterbacks in the league. If Campbell's name came up in that discussion, it was simply out of courtesy.

But five weeks into the season, he's outplaying every quarterback in the division (except for Manning). I'd love to say I saw this coming, but the season opener in the Meadowlands offered few clues.

Who knew that Campbell would lead his team to four consecutive wins, the last two on the road against division opponents? And the most remarkable thing is that he hasn't committed a turnover this season. You can say that the Redskins have relied on their running game the last couple of weeks -- and you'd be right.

But when the Redskins desperately needed to keep the ball Sunday at the end of the Philly game, it was Campbell who made two huge plays. Mark Maske of the Washington Post had a chance to visit with Campbell's former offensive coordinator, Al Saunders, on Sunday.

"I'm thrilled for Jason Campbell and the rest of the guys on offense," said Saunders, now the offensive coordinator in St. Louis. "The thing Joe [Gibbs] did was bring together a group of high-character, great work-ethic guys. To see Jason come back from his injury and maturing like that, it's great to see. I said when I got there that there was no limit to what he could do. With all the offenses he's been through, he's able to process information quickly, break it down to things he can understand and apply it on the field. I'm just thrilled for him. He's a true professional."

I've had the pleasure to spend quite a bit of time with Campbell since training camp. The thing that always impresses me is that you have no clue whether he won or lost when you see him after a game. When we huddled after the Redskins' win at Texas Stadium, he was upset that he'd underthrown Santana Moss a little bit on a 53-yard pass in the first half.

After the win in Philadelphia, he barely flashed a smile. I think he's enjoying the team's success, but he does a great job keeping everything in perspective.

"We haven't done anything," he told me Sunday. "We've just made ourselves a bigger target."

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