Herm Edwards on rookie hazing

It's remarkable how every story involving Dez Bryant -- good or bad -- seems to take on a life of its own. By now you're aware that the Cowboys' first-round pick declined the opportunity to take part in some time-honored (and harmless) rookie hazing when he refused to carry Roy Williams' pads after practice Sunday.

Todd Archer of The Dallas Morning News has condemned Bryant's actions, indicating that it's the result of "too much enabling and entitlement." I guess the theory is that Bryant's been coddled to the point where he can't deal with the idea of appearing subservient to one of his teammates. Of course, this will blow over pretty quickly if Bryant continues to make spectacular plays in camp. If that keeps up, I wouldn't be surprised to see Tony Romo carrying the rookie's shoulder pads at some point.

Former NFL head coach Herm Edwards weighed in on this earth-shattering story on "SportsCenter" this morning. He advised Bryant to just "get it over with" so it wouldn't become a distraction. Williams has vowed to activate "Step 2" of his evil hazing plan if the rookie doesn't respond. Here's what Edwards told Hannah Storm this morning:

"They're gonna keep riding him for a while," Edwards said of Bryant. "And now the head coach has to be on alert to make sure it doesn't go too far."

How will Wade Phillips respond to this crisis? Stay tuned.