A look back at the Jerry Jones era

Posted by ESPN.com's Matt Mosley

We're devoting part of the afternoon to looking back at the Jerry Jones era in Dallas. Today marks the 20th anniversary of Jones purchasing the team from Bum Bright and firing legendary head coach Tom Landry.

Here's an interview I did with Jones on the 15th anniversary, which was coincidentally five years ago. Here's a portion of the interview:

On Jerry Jones' first thoughts of owning the team: "I sat with Roger Staubach at Texas Stadium for a game against the Giants, and that was the first game I watched with the thought of buying the team. Coach Landry was on one sideline and Bill Parcells on the other. There were about 32,000 people in a place that held 65,000. I went down and sat in the stands to get a sense of what it would feel like to be in this situation."