NFC East: Dowayne Davis

Predictions: Possible Cowboys Cuts

August, 30, 2008

Posted by's Matt Mosley

After talking to a couple people with the Cowboys, here's a list of the guys who I think will be cut. Coming down the stretch, cornerbacks Evan Oglesby and Alan Ball were in a dogfight for a roster spot. Still don't have a great feel for what will happen there, but a conversation last night led me to believe there was hope for Ball. But he's still getting cut on my list:

The Mosley cuts:

Todd Lowber, WR (not even "Hard Knocks" could save this talented but RAW kid.)

Danny Amendola, WR (prime practice squad candidate.)

Mark Bradford, WR (not familiar with his work.)

James Marten, G (this is the only slight surprise. Marten was a third-round draft choice in 2007.)

Adam Stenavich, G (Adam, we hardly knew ya. He was cut to make room for Larry Allen to retire as a Cowboy.)

Ryan Gibbons, C (no real need for a third-team center.)

Rodney Hannah, TE (did some really nice things late in camp. If you can keep him on the practice squad, do it. Great size and played under an excellent college coach named Art Briles.)

Drew Atchison, TE (nice effort during camp, but not enough.)

Julius Crosslin, FB (never met him.)

Alonzo Coleman, RB (flashed at times in practice and might help on practice squad.)

Keon Lattimore, RB (Ray Ray's going to be upset.)

Junior Siavii, NT (Cowboys hoping to drum up some trade interest. This guy could help someone.)

Marcus Dixon, DE (never could get on the field because of an injury.)

Darrell Robertson, LB (had his moments, but this team's OK at linebacker.)

Tyson Smith, LB (best known for getting lit up by Marion Barber on "Hard Knocks.")

Tearrius George, LB (flashed against the Vikings the other night, but a little too late.)

Erik Walden, LB (If Alan Ball and Evan Oglesby both make the team, something has to give. And even though Walden has some huge supporters at Valley Ranch, I'm afraid he'd be the guy to go.)

Dowayne Davis, SS (It's too bad because he did some serious damage during camp. And I love his name.)

A lot of people have third-team quarterback Richard Bartel getting cut, but as of this morning, he was on the 53-man roster.

Anatomy of an exhibition loss: Cowboys style

August, 18, 2008

Posted by's Matt Mosley

After watching the Cowboys' first-team defense get torched by Jay Cutler and the Broncos, I called a high-ranking member of the organization seeking an explanation. Here's a quick run-down on what I was told:

  • Everyone in Oxnard, Calif., kept talking about how the Cowboys' new arrivals at cornerback would allow them to play a lot more one-on-one. I don't think that's going to be the case, but on Saturday in Denver, the Cowboys gave it a shot. Rookie Mike Jenkins was overmatched by Cutler and the Broncos receivers. In a regular-season game, I'm told the Cowboys would've done something to help Jenkins, but they wanted to see how he'd react in a pressure situation.
  • Inside linebackers Zach Thomas and Bradie James both graded out well -- especially Thomas, whose reaction time is still pretty remarkable.
  • Who were the coaches most excited about? Turns out rookie cornerback Orlando Scandrick out of Boise State had another big night. He was used on the outside and at nickel.

"He's just smart and very competitive," said the Cowboys source. "On a little swing pass the other night, he almost knocked the receiver out. He's a tough little nut."

  • Cornerbacks Alan Ball and Evan Oglesby, two players who had flashed during camp, "flat-lined" against the Broncos. Oglesby blocked 24 kicks in high school and hopes to be a part of the Cowboys' special teams unit. Ball, a seventh-round pick out of Illinois last year, spent the game chasing receivers.
  • Adam Jones played much better than he did against the Chargers. And the club was ecstatic about his 24-yard punt return, which actually netted 19 yards because of his delay of game penalty for spiking the ball.
  • Defensive end Marcus Spears actually had a nice effort against the run. He knifed through and made a play behind the line in the first half. The other starting defensive end, Chris Canty, probably won't play at home against the Texans on Friday because of a hip injury.
  • Backup linebacker Bobby Carpenter bounced back nicely after a nondescript performance against the Chargers. He played in several sub-packages.

"If he keeps playing like that, you'll see him on the field a lot this season," said the source.

  • Safety Roy Williams had a solid outing, although the staff admits that it's doing everything possible to keep him "out of harm's way," which is another phrase for one-on-one coverage.
  • Rookie free-agent safety Dowayne Davis had been impressive throughout camp, but he "flat-lined" against the Broncos.