NFC East: Eric Allen

The Philadelphia Eagles announced Tuesday that they plan to induct former cornerback Eric Allen and their longtime defensive coordinator, the late Jim Johnson, into their Honor Roll during a ceremony at halftime of Sunday night's game against the Dallas Cowboys. Allen and Vick Johnson, Jim's widow, will be present for the ceremony. Allen and Johnson will become the 34th and 35 members of the team's Honor Roll.

Allen's 34 interceptions, amassed between 1988 and 1994, are tied for the most in Eagles history along with Bill Bradley and Brian Dawkins, and he returned five of them for touchdowns. Johnson was the team's defensive coordinator from 1999 until his death from cancer in 2009, and during that time the Eagles' defense ranked second in the NFL in sacks, third-down efficiency and red zone touchdown percentage and fourth in fewest points allowed. Johnson's tenure produced 26 Pro Bowl selections: Brian Dawkins (7), Troy Vincent (5), Jeremiah Trotter (4), Hugh Douglas (3), Lito Sheppard (2), Asante Samuel (1), Trent Cole (1), Michael Lewis (1), Corey Simon (1), and Bobby Taylor (1).

Beast prediction Friday

October, 15, 2010
It's at this time every week the Beast blog throws down its predictions for Sunday -- and occasionally Mondays. First, let's find out what the experts are saying about the four games involving NFC East teams.

Detroit Lions at New York Giants: All eight experts picked the Giants, which shouldn't come as a surprise. Is this the week the Giants start running away with the division? There's a decent chance the other three teams lose, so a 4-2 record could be big.

Mosley's pick: Giants 27, Lions 17: I respect the fine work of Lions coach Jim Schwartz, but the Giants have too many weapons at receiver right now and Ahmad Bradshaw's one of the top backs in the league. And no one will be able to block Justin Tuck in this game. You heard it here first.

Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia Eagles: I was surprised that only one member of our distinguished panel picked the Eagles to win at home. Do we really have this much respect for the Falcons? Only Mark Schlereth made the brave choice to pick Philadelphia. But he's about to have company.

Mosley's pick: Eagles 24, Falcons 21: Quarterback Kevin Kolb will give Andy Reid something to think about when he throws for 300 yards and two touchdowns.

Dallas Cowboys at Minnesota Vikings: This is another surprising breakdown from the experts. Apparently they think the Cowboys' talent will be too much for Brett Favre and the Vikings. I figured the Vikings would win out with the experts. Mike Golic, Ron Jaworski and Schlereth were the only experts to go with the home team. I picked the Cowboys for, but I've changed my mind since finding out that Andre Gurode is banged up.

Mosley's pick: Vikings 28, Cowboys 20

Indianapolis Colts at Washington Redskins: Eric Allen, Merril Hoge and Jaworski all picked the Skins over the Colts. Folks are starting to believe that Mike Shanahan can will this team to the playoffs. This is another great test.

Mosley's pick: Colts 28, Redskins 21

The Beast prediction: Cowboys own Vikes

January, 15, 2010
It's that time of the week when I finally release my prediction to America. Folks are huddled around their fireplaces tonight waiting for my Cowboys-Vikings pick, unless they live on the West Coast. Obviously, there's a ton of pressure riding on this prediction since we've added so many readers from the NFC North blog this week. But before we get to the main feature, let's look at what the real experts in Bristol thought about this game.

Six of our esteemed panelists picked the Cowboys to win on the road, but former Eagles Eric Allen and Ron Jaworski picked the Vikings. Interestingly, Accuscore and SportsNation both went with the Vikings.

The Beast Prediction: Cowboys 24, Vikings 16. I have to go with the hot team theory, and the Cowboys are definitely in a better place than the Vikings. I don't think the Vikings' offensive line can hold off Anthony Spencer and DeMarcus Ware long enough for Brett Favre to get the ball downfield. And let's stop all this talk about Adrian Peterson. No one runs on the Cowboys, and Peterson hasn't been all that effective late in the season -- by his ridiculous standards. I think the Cowboys could struggle a little bit covering tight end Visanthe Shiancoe, but it won't be a fatal flaw. I'll be catching a plane to Minneapolis on Saturday, so the NFC East blog will be at the Metrodome to bring you all the action.

Please continue to refresh your screens for constant updates -- on Sunday. All my best.

What are the experts predicting?

January, 1, 2010
Let me be the first NFC East blogger to wish you a Happy New Year this morning. Looking forward to big things in 2010!

Now let's take a look at what our Bristol experts are predicting for this weekend's games. I'll be back later today with my predictions in the Beast:

  • Adam Schefter is the only member of the esteemed panel picking the Giants to beat the Vikings.
  • Eric Allen, Mike Golic, Ron Jaworski and Mark Schlereth are all picking the Eagles to beat the Cowboys. I'm sure it's only a coincidence that three of the four used to play for the Eagles. Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter, Merril Hoge and Seth Wickersham are picking the Cowboys.
  • Sadly, all eight panelists were unanimous in picking the Chargers to beat the Redskins in what is likely Jim Zorn's final stand.
  • Right now I'm leaning toward picking the Cowboys at home, but the day is young.

What can Brown do for you?

December, 13, 2009
EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- According to sources close to the Eagles P.R. department, Sheldon Brown is now tied with Eric Allen and Seth Joyner for the most defensive touchdowns in team history with five. And while we're talking about records, Steve Smith only needs two catches to break Amani Toomer's single-season catch record of 82.

Toomer served as one of the honorary captains before tonight's game. The Giants have trimmed the Eagles lead to 14-3. But you can't get away with settling for field goals against this quick-strike offense. I'm worried about Tom Coughlin's health. The man has been working over the officials for the past five minutes or so. He's upset about a personal foul call on Terrell Thomas.

NFC Beast Predictions Post

December, 12, 2009
Every Saturday during the season, I make my predictions for games involving NFC East teams. I'm really riding the fence on both the Eagles-Giants and Cowboys-Chargers games. The Eagles have owned the Giants in December and early January, but Tom Coughlin's team is as healthy as it's been in a couple months and the Eagles don't have a lot of veteran leadership.

But before I unveil my predictions, let's take a look at what the experts from Bristol came up with this week. Merril Hoge has been on a roll this season, but he's coming off a rare 8-8 week. Mike Golic went 10-6 during a week where there were some upsets, so let's keep an eye on him.

The esteemed panel came to a split decision on Cowboys-Chargers. Eric Allen, Mark Schlereth, Golic and Hoge went with San Diego. Ron Jaworski, Chris Mortensen, Adam Schefter and Seth Wickersham picked the Cowboys.

Beast prediction: Cowboys 31, Chargers 28

I was shocked that Schefter was the only human panelist to pick the Giants. That doesn't make a lot of sense to me -- especially since the game's being played in Giants Stadium. I think the desperate-team theory will work again for the Giants this week.

Beast prediction: Giants, 21, Eagles 17

Golic, Hoge, Schlereth, Schefter and Wickersham are all picking the Raiders to beat the Redskins. I think Jason Campbell will take advantage of the Raiders' man coverage and have a big day.

Beast prediction: Redskins 21, Raiders 13

Beast Predictions: Eagles by a field goal

November, 8, 2009
Posted by's Matt Mosley

Before I make my weekly predictions, let's take a look at what the ESPN selection panel came up with for today's NFC East games. Of the eight esteemed panelists, only two picked the Cowboys to win at the Linc tonight. That would be Merril Hoge and Adam Schefter.

The panel has lost a lot of respect for the Giants during this three-game losing streak. Four guys picked the Chargers to walk into Giants Stadium and hand New York its fourth consecutive loss. Eric Allen, Mike Golic, Mark Schlereth and Seth Wickersham all picked the Chargers.

As you probably expected, all eight panelists picked the Falcons over the Redskins. It would be nice for someone other than Dan Snyder to go out on a limb and pick the Redskins, but it would also be foolish at this point in the season. I do have a feeling that the Redskins will keep this one close in the first half. OK, here are the Beast predictions:

Eagles 24, Cowboys 21: The game will live up to all the hype and David Akers will nail the game-winner late in the fourth quarter. I like how Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is playing right now, but he doesn't have a good history against the Eagles. Defensive coordinator Sean McDermott doesn't think Romo responds well to contact and that's why you'll see a lot more blitzes than he called against the Giants last Sunday.

Giants 31, Chargers 20: They desperately need a win -- and I think this is a bad spot for the Chargers. The Giants could get a couple of players back on defense, which will make them a lot more versatile. Philip Rivers is going to get hit a lot in this game. I also think Eli Manning will play well against a Chargers defense that doesn't like to blitz a lot. It's imperative that the Giants get off to a fast start in this game. I think that's exactly what will happen for them.

Falcons 27, Redskins 10: The Falcons have lost two straight games for the first time during the Mike Smith era. I don't think the Redskins are poised to make it three in a row. New play-caller Sherman Lewis has had more time to familiarize himself with the personnel, but with tight end Chris Cooley out of the lineup, there aren't many weapons. I think the Falcons will overwhelm the Redskins' inexperienced offensive line.

OK, have a wonderful Sunday. I'll be in Philly for Cowboys-Eagles.