NFC East: Jeff Feagles

You ask, I answer. It's the weekend mailbag, and there's nothing else quite like it.

Bill Hart from "Eagles area," wherever that is, asks: "Where would you rank Kevin Kolb in relation to the quarterbacks selected in the first round? I've seen several reports that question his value. Isn't the experience with the Eagles for something?"

Dan Graziano: No question, Bill. If Kolb had somehow been able to enter this year's draft, he would have gone No. 1 overall, ahead of any of the other quarterbacks that were taken. He has experience playing in and winning NFL games, and that's why teams like Arizona and Seattle are going to be interested enough to trade first-round picks for him. He has greater value to the Eagles as a trade chip than he does as a player, because his value as a trade chip (i.e., the way interested teams value him) is "starting quarterback." But he is not a starting quarterback for the Eagles, because they already have one. So, it appears, he will be traded for something quite valuable.

Jon from Atlanta wants the Cowboys to sign Nnamdi Asomugha, but he's wondering, if they could sign Johnathan Joseph, Cullen Jenkins and Eric Weddle (or Michael Huff) "for the same price as Asomugha, wouldn't that be a larger upgrade to the Defense as a whole?"

DG: Well, yeah. But it would also mean that Nnamdi got the largest contract in sports history or that those other three guys all got much smaller deals than expected. The Cowboys are going to have to make some tough choices if the cap concerns are as many expect. I don't think they're going to be able to get top-choice guys at all three of those spots -- safety, corner and defensive end. My guess is they'll prioritize the safety position, though I'm sure Nnamdi will be tempting, as he should be.

Chrissy from Patchogue wanted me to take a question about the Giants' punting situation. Specifically, "What are your thoughts about that adventure Matt Dodge called a season last fall? What do you think the future holds here?"

DG: Well, Chrissy, they like a lot of things about Dodge. He has a very strong leg, and his 2010 numbers reflect that. He is young and, they believe, talented, and they're not about to kick him out of town after a shaky rookie season. I do believe, however, that he'll need to show improvement in some key areas in order to last a full second season. Special teams were a major problem for the Giants last season, and for all the good and encouraging things Dodge did, his mistakes were severe and glaring and a big part of that problem. He suffers in comparison to his predecessor, Ridgewood's own Jeff Feagles, who was the master of directional punting and worked with Dodge some last season. But he's got the ability to be very good, and so far they're determined to show a little more patience with him.

Adam in Washington, D.C., asks: "Haynesworth for Orton- who says no? I agree with staying flexible going into next year's draft, but no Redskins fan in his/her right mind buys John Beck or Rex Grossman as a league average starting quarterback."

DG: The Broncos say no. And on that note...

Mike S. from Bethany Beach, Del., asks the following: "Dan, am I the only one in Redskins nation that has forgotten where Tom Brady came from before the 'Tom Brady' we know today emerged? That's why I feel that Beck could be that type of player. Your thoughts?"

DG: Mike, my thoughts are that, if you're making that comparison, you have forgotten where Brady came from. Tom Brady beat out Drew Henson to be a two-year starter at the University of Michigan. His last college game was a comeback victory in the Orange Bowl over Alabama in which he threw four touchdown passes. Brady was drafted much lower than he should have been, but that doesn't mean he was some nobody who'd never accomplished anything and then blossomed once he got a shot in the NFL. I think the comparison is imperfect at best, and that the Redskins would be absolutely thrilled if Beck's closest NFL comparison turned out to be somebody like Jon Kitna. I think asking for Brady is aiming a little high.

Hope everybody is having a lovely weekend.
I asked, and the consensus answer was something like, "Sure, why not?" And so we conclude our position-by-position series on potential four-year free agency and the NFC East with a look at kickers and punters. Yeah, even with content hard to come by these days, I couldn't justify splitting them into two posts.

NFC East teams in need

Cowboys: They're set at punter with Mat McBriar, but while they're obviously invested in kicker David Buehler, they brought in veteran Kris Brown to see if they could put some pressure on Buehler to be better. The new kickoff rules could make Buehler's saving grace -- his ability to drill touchbacks on kickoffs -- less valuable than it used to be, which means making field goals is the only way he's going to keep his job. If he flops badly, it's possible Dallas looks at someone on this list since Brown likely isn't the answer either.

Giants: Set at kicker with Lawrence Tynes, and committed to Matt Dodge at punter but you wonder for how long. Following Jeff Feagles was never going to be an easy assignment, but as big as Dodge's leg is, his directional gaffes last year were too much for the Giants and their fans to stomach. Not kicking the ball out of bounds against DeSean Jackson and the Eagles in that Meadowlands game wasn't the first mistake -- just the worst and least forgettable. Dodge is likely to start the season with the job, but the Giants might want to keep their eye on this list in case they need to make a midseason move.

Eagles: Situation very much in flux in Philly, where they drafted kicker Alex Henery, likely signaling the end of the Eagles career of the great David Akers. Punter Sav Rocca, is also a free agent and could decide to retire rather than punt again at the age of 38. Bet on the Eagles going with Henery at kicker and bringing back Rocca on a one-year deal, but if Rocca won't have it, they'll need to go shopping.

Redskins: Well, they have guys at both spots. But Graham Gano is coming off a bad year as the kicker, and they could theoretically look to replace him. They have two punters on the roster -- Josh Bidwell and Sam Paulescu -- so they should be able to come up with something out of that.

Top five potential free-agent kickers

1. Adam Vinatieri, Colts

2. Ryan Longwell, Vikings

3. Akers

4. Matt Bryant, Falcons

5. Shayne Graham, Patriots

Top five potential free-agent punters

1. Adam Podlesh, Jaguars

2. Ben Graham, Cardinals

3. Steve Weatherford, Jets

4. Rocca

5. Michael Koenen, Falcons

Predictions that mean nothing: At least three of these teams will change kickers and/or punters between now and the end of the 2011 season, but I'm not saying which because kickers and punters are totally unpredictable. Akers leaves the division, though, I predict, though Dallas fans might wish their team would snag him.

How I See It: NFC East Stock Watch

October, 6, 2010

1. Andy Reid, head coach, Philadelphia Eagles: No matter how you slice it, that was an embarrassing display at the end of the first half. Reid's always had trouble with clock management, but he's apparently too stubborn to do anything about it. If ever a man needed a clock specialist, it's this man. I understand that the officials blew his mind by moving the ball back from the one-foot line, but you still need to have a quicker reaction. It was a clueless moment that contributed to a 17-12 loss to the Washington Redskins.

[+] EnlargeJason Peters
AP Photo/Rob CarrEagles tackle Jason Peters (right) struggled badly against the Redskins.
2. Jason Peters, left tackle, Philadelphia Eagles: If this man makes the Pro Bowl again, I'm going to boycott the event, which is basically my annual plan anyway. I know Brian Orakpo's fast and powerful, but Peters was supposed to be among the best left tackles in the game. Peters was called for two holding penalties -- and there could've been more. Kevin Kolb's going to need some help against the 49ers, and I'm not sure Peters is up to the task. I was wrong about this guy big time.

3. Matt Dodge, punter, New York Giants: Tom Coughlin has shown extreme patience with the rookie, but it's probably time to move on. Jeff Feagles spoiled this organization for a lot of years. Right now, Dodge has no clue where the ball's going. The team worked out Hunter Smith on Tuesday. I think the Giants should make the change now.


1. Albert Haynesworth, defensive lineman, Washington Redskins: I've been highly critical of Haynesworth since the offseason because of his attitude and overall approach. But he made a big contribution to that win Sunday by drawing holding penalties and making plays against the run. I think he's starting to buy into Jim Haslett's defense, and that's a scary thing for opposing offensive coordinators. He still seemed disgruntled about his playing time after the game, but Mike Shanahan won't care as long as his defensive tackle continues to play like this.

2. Ryan Torain, running back, Washington Redskins: Clinton Portis might have a difficult time getting his job back when he returns from a groin injury. Torain received the bulk of the carries Sunday against the Eagles and produced 70 yards and a game-changing touchdown. That 12-yard TD on which he ran over Quintin Mikell set the tone for an upset win.

1. Donovan McNabb, quarterback, Washington Redskins: I know he was lousy in the second half, but he still got the job done in a 17-12 win against his former team. You have to admire the way McNabb put aside all the emotion and made big plays in the first half. The deep ball to Anthony Armstrong was enormous and the touchdown throw to Chris Cooley staked the Skins to an early 14-0 lead. McNabb's 18-yard scramble helped milk the clock late in the game. Something tells me he'll remember to stay in bounds next time he gets that opportunity.

Manning and Tuck elected captains

September, 9, 2010
The New York Giants elected Eli Manning, Justin Tuck and Chase Blackburn as their captains for this season, the club announced Thursday morning. It's the fourth consecutive season Manning has been the offensive captain but this is the first time Tuck and Blackburn (special teams) have been voted into this role.

Tuck replaces retired linebacker Antonio Pierce and Blackburn will take over for retired punter Jeff Feagles. Coach Tom Coughlin, former defensive end Michael Strahan and general manager Jerry Reese have all talked to Tuck about being more of a vocal leader this season and he's slowly warmed to the idea.

I think Coughlin has to be very pleased with the results of the vote.

OK, I'll be back with a Donovan McNabb column later this afternoon.

Observation deck: Giants-Jets

August, 16, 2010
All the ridiculous trash talk for a preseason game was forgotten as blood poured from Eli Manning's head in the second quarter. Brandon Jacobs thought he was accepting a handoff and Manning appeared to be thinking pass. The result was a bloody mess as the ball popped out and Manning was destroyed by Calvin Pace before bumping into safety Jim Leonhard with his helmetless head.

[+] EnlargeEli Manning
Tim Farrell/US PRESSWIREA broken play in the second quarter resulted in a 3-inch gash just below the hairline of Eli Manning.
The Giants said Manning received stitches for a 3-inch gash that appeared to be just below his hairline. If you don't like the sight of blood, don't look too closely at the photos. Manning should be fine after getting 12 stitches, but it was certainly the story of the game. Now, it's time for the Beast to make seven quick observations on tonight's epic battle at New Meadowlands Stadium, which looked nice on TV:

1. Good thing rookie wide receiver Victor Cruz took the field late in the third quarter. For the most part, the Giants' offense had been awful, but Cruz pushed off with his right arm and then made a remarkable one-handed grab with his left. Maybe it was offensive pass interference, but it was still a thing of beauty. The Giants have no hope of getting this guy to the practice squad now, and they probably don't want to anyway. I'd just written that last sentence when Cruz made another gorgeous adjustment on the ball in the fourth quarter. OK, there's another touchdown. Cruz finished with six catches for 145 yards and three touchdowns. This is getting ridiculous. Steve Smith's looking for a helmet.

2. Decent debut for Perry Fewell as the new defensive coordinator, but there were some shaky moments. The Jets' touchdown in the first half came on a play when the Giants didn't have a clue who was supposed to be on the field. Mark Sanchez just lobbed a pass to an uncovered Brad Smith for an easy touchdown. Tom Coughlin has to be seething about that play. Otherwise, the Giants did a nice job getting off the field in the red zone. The Jets were forced to settle for three short field goals and a missed attempt by former Cowboys kicker Nick Folk. But there's no reason the goal-line defense should have that tough of a time getting on the field. Fewell had to be furious with that result.

3. The Giants need to start looking for a veteran punter. I know Matt Dodge has a big leg, but he was scary bad against the Jets. He didn't get any hangtime and he also had a punt blocked. Now I'd blame that more on the blocking than Dodge, but it still looked like he could've been a bit quicker on his approach. At this rate, Coughlin will have to talk Jeff Feagles out of retirement. I'm halfway serious, by the way.

4. A healthy Chris Canty will make a big difference on defense. Canty is once again playing with confidence from his defensive tackle spot. He was never right physically last season, but he's now disrupting plays at the line of scrimmage. One touchdown run was called back because Canty drew a holding penalty. He'd already drawn another one in the first quarter. He's an enormous presence in the middle of that defense.

5. I know Terrell Thomas has had a nice camp, but he took a poor angle on a short pass to LaDainian Tomlinson on third-and-13. You have to know what the down-and-distance is and Thomas really looked bad on the play. Perhaps he'd been reading all the stories about how Tomlinson's lost a step. But when you're in that situation, you have to do a better job.

6. Ahmad Bradshaw is the feature running back for the Giants. He was on the field first Monday, but that doesn't mean a whole lot. The important thing is that he's obviously the team's best back at this point. You saw what he did on that short pass from Manning in the second quarter. He raced for 51 yards and he showed some great balance to avoid tackles and stay in bounds. He's a home-run back who finally seems to be completely healthy. Could be a special season for the former seventh-round pick. I smell 1,100 yards and 8 touchdowns.

7. First-round pick Jason Pierre-Paul will have highs and lows. In the second quarter, Pierre-Paul was just engulfed by the Jets' offensive line on a few plays. He spent more time on his knees than anything else. But then he raced past veteran Damien Woody for a sack on a speed rush. It was impressive to see him lower his right shoulder and turn the corner in a hurry. I was also impressed to see second-round pick Linval Joseph come knifing through to make a play in the backfield. There will be growing pains, but both players will be in the rotation from Day 1. One more note: Santonio Holmes made former Jackson State standout DJ Johnson look really bad at cornerback. Johnson just didn't have a chance against the former Steelers Super Bowl hero. But Johnson kept playing hard and ended up with an interception in the fourth quarter. If anyone's interested, the Giants won the game, 31-16.

Giants sign two more picks

June, 23, 2010
The New York Giants have signed fifth-round pick Mitch Petrus and seventh-rounder Matt Dodge this afternoon. Petrus, a guard from Arkansas, tied an NFL combine record by bench-pressing 225 pounds 45 times. Dodge has the inside track to replace the retired Jeff Feagles.

I still think the Giants will bring in a veteran punter at some point, but they're rooting for Dodge to win the job. Not to bring up a bad subject, but ask the Redskins what it's like to enter the season with a rookie punter. The Giants will likely sign their first and second-round draft picks in late July or early August.

Thursday Beastlines: Bryant the next Moss?

April, 29, 2010
Dallas Cowboys

First-round draft pick Dez Bryant should be starting "very soon" at wide receiver for the Cowboys, says Rick Gosselin. Gosselin also does a Q&A with the Dallas Morning News and says the Cowboys will only go as far as Tony Romo can take them.

Chick Ludwig of thinks Bryant will be the next Randy Moss.

Now that he's been selected, Bryant can finally focus on football, writes Randy Galloway of the Star-Telegram.

New York Giants

Kicker Jeff Feagles will officially announce his retirement from the NFL in a news conference on Friday.

Former Giants linebacker Brad Van Pelt is having his name added to his alma mater's Ring of Fame at Michigan State.

Philadelphia Eagles

The team and media will get the first look at first-round draft pick Brandon Graham at the Eagles' rookie camp that starts Friday.'s Sheil Kapadia gives us three questions to ponder about the upcoming camp.

Eagles defensive coordinator Sean McDermott is excited about the "reinforcements" added to his defense this offseason, writes the Daily News' Paul Domowitch.

Washington Redskins

Fifteen-year NFL veteran wide receiver Joey Galloway has signed a deal with the Redskins, according to the Washington Post's Jason Reid.

Also from Reid: Expect more undrafted rookie free agents to show up on the Redskins.

New Skins quarterback Donovan McNabb will keep his annual kids football camp in Philadelphia, but has plans to get more involved in the Washington, D.C., community.

Giants' Feagles to retire

April, 28, 2010
After informing the New York Giants recently that he was considering retirement, punter Jeff Feagles has made up his mind to officially end his 22-year career.

Feagles, the most durable punter in NFL history, is expected to announce his retirement on Friday. The 44-year-old punter played in an NFL record 352 consecutive regular-season games. The two-time Pro Bowl selection owns records with 1,713 punts, 71,211 yards and 554 punts inside the 20-yard line.

The Giants' rookie minicamp roster

April, 26, 2010
A lot of teams bring in a handful of "tryout" players to compete in their first rookie minicamp. But the Giants will take it to another level during this weekend's minicamp. They just released a list of 54 players who will attend the minicamp. In terms of comparison, the Cowboys generally have about 24 players on hand for their rookie minicamp, which also takes place this weekend. You'll see 11 players from the current 80-man roster who are eligible to attend based on credited seasons in the league. Here are those 11 names:

Quarterback Rhett Bomar, fullback Jerome Johnson, tight end Carson Butler, guard Rueben Riley, defensive end Tommie Hill, defensive tackle Dwayne Hendricks, linebacker Kenny Ingram, cornerback Vince Anderson, safety Sha'reff Rashad, punter Jy Bond and kicker Sam Swank.

The seven players the Giants selected in the draft will attend: defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul of South Florida, defensive tackle Linval Joseph of East Carolina, safety Chad Jones of LSU, linebacker Phillip Dillard of Nebraska, guard Mitch Petrus of Arkansas , linebacker Adrian Tracy of William & Mary and punter Matt Dodge of East Carolina. Dodge and Bond will begin their competition to replace Jeff Feagles, who will likely announce his retirement soon.

The Giants have signed 13 players to rookie free-agent contracts. They will also attend this weekend's camp: quarterback Dominic Randolph of Holy Cross, tight end Jake Ballard of Ohio State, wide receivers Tim Brown of Rutgers, Duke Calhoun of Memphis and Victor Cruz of Massachusetts, offensive lineman Dennis Landolt of Penn State, center Jim Cordle of Ohio State, defensive end Ayanga Okpokowuruk of Duke, defensive tackle Nate Collins of Virginia, linebacker Lee Campbell of Minnesota, cornerbacks Seth Williams of Richmond and Leon Wright of Duke and safety Michael Greco of Central Florida.

Here are the 23 players scheduled to attend the camp on a tryout basis: Quarterback Riley Skinner of Wake Forest, running backs Deshawn Wynn of Florida, Tony Hunt of Penn State and Andre Dixon of Connecticut (Baylor fans remember this guy), running back/fullback Brian Toal of Boston College, fullback Anthony Cotrone of Maine, tight end Mitch Ryan of San Diego, tight end/long-snapper Jon Loyte of Boston College, wide receivers Lance Leggett of Miami and D.J. McAuley of William & Mary, centers Robby Felix of UTEP and Nick Richmond of Delaware State, tackles Kyle Webber of Gardner-Webb and Ben Benshoof of Wingate, guard Chris Poole of Holy Cross, defensive end Brandon Crawford of Ball State, defensive tackles Abe Koroma of Western Illinois and Santonio Thomas of Miami, linebacker Micah Johnson of Kentucky, cornerbacks Wondy Pierre-Louis of Florida and Ben Hannula of San Diego, safety John Busing of Miami (Ohio) and long-snapper Ryan Neill of Rutgers.

Around the NFC East: Dallas, N.Y. stand pat

March, 19, 2010
Dallas Cowboys

According to the agent for Dez Bryant, the Oklahoma State wide receiver will be visiting with the Cowboys sometime before the draft. But the Cowboys rarely take a wide receiver in the first round, writes the Dallas Morning News' Todd Davis. Also visiting the Cowboys: Penn State linebackers Sean Lee and Navorro Bowman and Kentucky fullback John Conner.

The DMN's Gerry Fraley points out, as of Thursday, the Dallas Cowboys are one of just three teams that "have not signed a restricted or unrestricted free agent from another club or re-signed a free-agent from last season's team."

New York Giants

The Giants are one of the three teams standing still with the Cowboys, but the club did sign Australian punter Jy Bond amid their contract dispute with Jeff Feagles.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Daily News' Les Bowen takes a look at Eagles sophomore LeSean McCoy who will be adjusting to "life after [running back Brian] Westbrook."

In a video post on, Bob Ford of the Inquirer and Marcus Hayes of the Daily News debate whether the Eagles will really keep all three quarterbacks on their roster.

Washington Redskins

Newly acquired quarterback Rex Grossman hopes to be "in the mix" for a starting role with the Skins, writes Jason Reid of the Washington Post.

Also from Reid: Redskins linebacker London Fletcher approves of the Redskins lower-profile approach to free agency.

The Post's Thomas Boswell took a look at former coach Joe Gibbs and new coach Mike Shanahan as they stood side-by-side on Wednesday.

Around the NFC East: 'Boys in the middle

March, 18, 2010
Dallas Cowboys

Cowboys-related issues will be a big part of the owners' meetings, including a possible "Flozell Adams rule" and a vote on the height of the scoreboard, reports The Dallas Morning News.

Cornerback Orlando Scandrick is very happy with the Cowboys' performance-based pay system that has earned him almost half a million dollars in the past two years, Todd Archer of the DMN writes.

New York Giants

Quarterback Eli Manning traded in his helmet for a hard hat and took a tour of the new Meadowlands.

Punter Jeff Feagles and the Giants are locked in a contract standoff, according to the Star-Ledger's Mike Garafolo.

In the wake of critical comments made by Jets owner Woody Johnson of commissioner Roger Goodell, both New York teams are in damage control to avoid losing their bid to host the Super Bowl in 2014.

Philadelphia Eagles

Newly-acquired defensive end Daryll Tapp has signed a three-year contract with the Eagles.

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Ashley Fox says the Eagles held onto Shawn Andrews "longer than they should have."

Washington Redskins

The Redskins have thrown their hat in the Tim Tebow private workout sweepstakes. The Sporting News reports Tebow will visit Washington and four other teams in the coming weeks.

The Washington Post's Jason Reid reports coach Mike Shanahan is very pleased he had 100 percent attendance for the start of the offseason conditioning program.

Free agency: NFC East

February, 16, 2010
AFC Free Agency: East | West | North | South NFC: East | West | North | South

An early look at the free-agent situation in the NFC East.

Note: These projected lists reflect notable unrestricted free agents for each team. The NFL will not issue an official list of free agents until the signing period begins March 5.

Dallas Cowboys

Unrestricted free agents: G Montrae Holland

Key figures: The Cowboys don't have a huge interest in retaining Holland, a man who's never really challenged for playing time. But Dallas has a long list of restricted free agents because of the likely scenario of an uncapped 2010 season. Wide receiver Miles Austin is obviously the biggest name on the list. The Cowboys would like to get a long-term contract done, but Austin's going to be asking for big money after his breakout season. For now, the Cowboys will likely sign Austin to the highest tender, which would pay him roughly $3 million in 2010. There's also a chance Dallas will try to work something out with restricted free agent Marcus Spears. Owner Jerry Jones has been very complimentary of Spears' work in '09, so we'll see if he receives an extension. It will also be interesting to see whether the Cowboys reward safety Gerald Sensabaugh for a fine '09 season. He's seeking a multiyear extension. But with the potential of a lockout in 2011, negotiations are up in the air.

New York Giants

Unrestricted free agents: QB David Carr, LB Danny Clark, P Jeff Feagles, DT Fred Robbins

[+] EnlargeLeonard Weaver
Drew Hallowell/Getty ImagesFullback Leonard Weaver rushed 70 times for 323 yards and two TDs in 2009.
Key figures: The Giants would like an upgrade at the backup quarterback position, but it's not like there are a bunch of reliable candidates floating around. It will be interesting to see how much progress Rhett Bomar makes this offseason. Coach Tom Coughlin loves what Clark brings to the locker room, but the player looked slow in coverage and he's a progress stopper at this point in his career. It's time to let him move on. Feagles can punt until he's 50 -- and he might give it a try. Robbins was benched late in the season, so the writing's on the wall with him. His production has tailed off the past two seasons because he's been asked to stay on the field too much.

Philadelphia Eagles

Unrestricted free agents: DE Jason Babin, S Sean Jones

Key figures: The man who's missing a major payday (for a fullback) is Leonard Weaver. He was an All-Pro for the Eagles and he would be an unrestricted free agent if not for the uncapped season in 2010. The Eagles now hold the hammer in negotiations -- and they've been known to use it at times. Babin is a decent pass-rush specialist, but he sort of faded down the stretch. Jones is a capable backup, but he should not be in the starting mix. Philadelphia would be wise to work something out with restricted free-agent guard/center Nick Cole. He's a versatile player who bailed out Andy Reid when the Stacy Andrews experiment didn't pan out in '09. And no matter his status as a restricted free agent, it's time to get something done with Jason Avant. He's quietly carved out a very important niche in this offense.

Washington Redskins

Unrestricted free agents: LS Ethan Albright, OT Levi Jones, DE Phillip Daniels, C Casey Rabach, P Hunter Smith, G Mike Williams, DE Renaldo Wynn, P Todd Yoder

Key figures: Cornerback Carlos Rogers is a restricted free agent, but he's looking for a new destination. It will be interesting to see what Mike Shanahan and Jim Haslett choose to do with Rogers. Will they try to get him back on the right path or see if they can deal him for a mid-round draft pick? This unrestricted list doesn't have a lot of juice. Rabach could certainly help a team at center, but he didn't set the league on fire in '09. It's probably time to move on without aging players such as Wynn and Daniels. I enjoyed the Williams weight loss story, but it's hard to imagine him being part of the rebuilding process at Redskins Park.

This we'll be the dullest free-agency period in years, but we'll be here to cover all the non-action.

Phillips in, Dockery out for the Giants

September, 20, 2009
Posted by's Matt Mosley

ARLINGTON, Texas -- New York Giants safety Kenny Phillips (knee) will play tonight, but nickel cornerback Kevin Dockery (hamstring) will be out for the second consecutive week. Undrafted rookie Bruce Johnson will once again replace Dockery, so look for the Cowboys to try to create a mismatch with whomever they line up in the slot.

Here are the other inactives for the Giants: RB Danny Ware, CB Aaron Ross, T Adam Koets, T Guy Whimper, WR Hakeem Nicks, LB Clint Sintim, DL Chris Canty.

Inactives for the Cowboys: QB Stephen McGee (emergency), S Mike Hamlin, LB Jason Williams, G Montrae Holland, C/G Duke Preston, T Pat McQuistan, WR Kevin Ogletree, LB Curtis Johnson.

In other news, five security guards in dark suits are guarding the Cowboys star at midfield. The star is covered with green turf, so I'm sure there will be a ceremony before the game. Owner Jerry Jones is spending time with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on the field right now. Looks like they were both just looking up at the scoreboard. I think it's safe tonight with Jeff Feagles in the house.

Feagles looking for beer signage

September, 20, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Giants punter Jeff Feagles was hoping coach Tom Coughlin would take the team over to Cowboys Stadium on Saturday night for a sneak peek, but it didn't happen. Feagles isn't too worried about hitting Jerry Jones' massive scoreboard, but he'd like to get familiar with some landmarks for his directional punting.

“I look for identifying signs,” he said. “With my directional kicking I am trying to figure out if there is a Bud Light sign or something where my angles are. That's what I'm looking for."

Just so Feagles knows, he should be looking for Miller Lite signs inside the new stadium.

Hit Jerry Jones' scoreboard, win green beans

September, 18, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

The folks at T.G.I. Friday's nationwide office have come up with an interesting concept for Sunday's Giants-Cowboys game. If one of the punters in the game, Mat McBriar or Jeff Feagles, boots a ball off the scoreboard, everyone in the bar will receive free green bean fries. And honestly, who doesn't wake up on Sundays craving fried green beans?

In a response to T.G.I. Friday's announcement, a sports bar in Mansfield, Texas (just south of Arlington) called Fat Daddy's said patrons will receive free chicken fried steaks if either punter makes contact with Jerry Jones' massive HD video board. Nothing against green beans, but that sounds like a better deal to me.