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January, 19, 2010
Let's take a quick look at the top storylines from around the NFC East. I realize that you're perfectly capable of finding these stories on your own, but allow me to save you a little time.





Former Eagles employee sounds off

March, 10, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

As we discussed Monday, the Eagles are receiving some serious backlash over the firing of part-time employee Dan Leone because of something he wrote on Facebook regarding the departure of safety Brian Dawkins. Leone discussed his firing, which was first reported by Inquirer columnist John Gonzalez, on the ESPN Radio affiliate in Philly on Tuesday.

Here's the audio from 950 ESPN. Leone, the former West Gate chief at the Linc, has become a martyr in Philly. And the Eagles' heartless response to the story didn't help their cause. By pointing out that Leone was a "seasonal employee," the Eagles just added fuel to the fire. I'm about to board a flight to Philly for a march outside the West Gate.

And you wonder why I'm not on Facebook? One of Leone's so-called "friends" ratted him out to the organization. So be careful who you approve as a friend today.

And by the way, can you imagine how many new Facebook friends Leone has now? I guess that's the one positive in this sad tale. Here's hoping the Eagles have long lines at the West Gate next season.

The Eagles release another (part-time) employee

March, 9, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Some of my buddies have chided me for not signing up for Facebook. They talk about the ability to reconnect with long lost high school and college friends and how addictive it can be. For many reasons -- mainly because I worked so hard to disconnect from many of those people -- I've resisted their efforts.

But this morning, I have a completely new reason not to share my inner-most thoughts and desires in a public forum: The Philadelphia Eagles might try to have me fired.

Dan Leone was a rabid Eagles fan (like there's any other kind) who was living out a dream of working for the organization as a part-time employee. When the Eagles allowed Brian Dawkins to sign with the Broncos, the 32-year-old Leone fired off an angry message on his Facebook. It's the sort of thing you could get away with in a crowded bar in South Philly -- but not in Cyberspace.

The Eagles relieved Leone of his duties over the phone, which added fuel to the fire of the Inquirer's muckraking (and entertaining) new columnist John Gonzalez. You have to appreciate a newspaper that can convince a grown man to pose for a picture while holding his keyboard like a helpless animal.

I often do this when I'm struggling on deadline, but rarely on camera. I'm anxious to see what you guys think about Leone's plight. Did he deserve the firing? Should the Eagles give him a second chance?

Are we being a little melodramatic over a "seasonal employee" -- as the Eagles put it?

I'd love to hear from ya. You can also vote on our SportsNation poll.