NFC East: Kyle Boller

Giants looking for a backup QB?

March, 5, 2010
New York Giants unrestricted free agent quarterback David Carr will visit the 49ers this weekend, according to Mike Garafolo of the Star-Ledger. Carr's also expected to be in the mix with the Cardinals, so it's likely that his time with the Giants has come to a close. We'll soon find out how much faith the Giants have in former Oklahoma/Sam Houston quarterback Rhett Bomar.

Keep in mind that the Redskins just released backup quarterback Todd Collins, who led Washington to the playoffs in '08. And there's always the Jeff Garcia option, although he's never really fancied himself as a backup. Mark Brunell had a great influence in the Saints' locker room. He's be a good option -- as long as he wasn't called upon to play more than a game or two.

I think you'd feel a lot safer with Collins or Garcia. Then you could try to get Bomar ready for the No. 2 job. Here are some other candidates off the league's official unrestricted free-agent list: Panthers QB Josh McCown, Lions QB Patrick Ramsey, Texans QB Rex Grossman (likely headed to Redskins because of Kyle Shanahan), Dolphins QB Chad Pennington (Hmmm...), Steelers QB Charlie Batch, Rams QB Kyle Boller.

Another possibility is former Bills quarterback J.P. Losman.

Check out Trent Dilfer's QB rankings

September, 2, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Trent Dilfer has made a really nice transition into broadcasting over the past year or so. He's particularly adept at breaking down the quarterback position -- and he was kind enough to contribute his analysis of 49 different NFL quarterbacks to He said he's tired of hearing quarterbacks take unfair criticism and wanted to have a deeper discussion. Here's his list. And he puts quarterbacks in the following categories: The Elite, The Superstars, Stars, Knocking at the Door, Glad They're Ours (GTOs), Gotta Prove It (GPIs), In The On-Deck Circle, Just-win Baby, Not Enough Evidence, Rehab Projects and Do Not Write Them Off Yet.

Here's where the quarterbacks on NFC East teams ended up:

Stars: 2. Donovan McNabb, 3. Eli Manning

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning were the only two quarterbacks in "The Elite" category and they were followed by Drew Brees and Philip Rivers in "The Superstars" division. I personally think that McNabb, Eli and Ben Roethlisberger belong in the same category as Rivers and Brees -- but that's just me.

Knocking at the door: 1. Tony Romo

Romo led this category and Carson Palmer was No. 2. I'm a little surprised Palmer was this low. Do you guys think Romo should be ranked behind Kurt Warner and Matt Hasselbeck? That's what Dilfer thinks. Here's Dilfer's take on Romo: "Quickest release in the NFL … unparalleled ability to throw from multiple foot platforms, both intermediately and down the field … as artistic as any quarterback in the league, instinctively using all available resources (eye placement, shoulder nods, pump fakes, arm angles, you name it) … can make something out of nothing on a consistent basis … sometimes careless with the football, both in the pocket and through the air … limited big-game success."

Wow! After reading that first part, I'm sort of baffled by Dilfer putting Romo behind Hasselbeck. Yes, Hasselbeck's been to a Super Bowl. But who would you rather have as a starter right now?

GPI (Gotta Prove it): 3. Jason Campbell

Campbell's ranked behind Matt Schaub and Trent Edwards on the list. Here's what Dilfer said about Campbell: "Very good arm talent … hard worker who has embraced the cerebral part of game … still must demonstrate consistency in production."

Rehab Projects: 1. Michael Vick 2. David Carr

Vick comes in just ahead of Carr. Kyle Boller, Chris Simms and Vince Young were the players ranked immediately behind Vick and Carr.

Do Not Write Them Off: 2. Jon Kitna

Kitna checks in just behind Jeff Garcia and in front of Billy Volek

Cowboys make puzzling trade for QB Kitna

February, 28, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

The Dallas Cowboys announced Saturday they have traded starting cornerback Anthony Henry for Lions quarterback Jon Kitna. And who could blame the Lions for doing business with the Cowboys? Based strictly on last season's results, it looks like Detroit fleeced the Cowboys on the Roy Williams deal.

Now the Lions have traded a quarterback who they were about to release for a starting cornerback. I understand that the Cowboys would have had competition for Kitna had he hit the open market, but did they really need to trade a player of Henry's value?

Henry is not even the player the Cowboys have been shopping. That would be safety Roy Williams. Trading Williams for Kitna would have made more sense than giving up Henry. The Lions were probably hoping to land a late-round draft pick, at the most, for Kitna. Now, they have a player who started 16 games for the Cowboys in 2008.

The Cowboys could argue that Kitna's contract is better than Henry's, but there's not a huge difference. Kitna will make about $2 million in 2009 and Henry will make $3.6 milllion. Both players are entering the final year of their deals.

Now that we've established that it's a strange deal, I do think Kitna is a good fit for the Cowboys. Jerry Jones wants Roy Williams to become his No. 1 receiver -- and the wide receiver had his best season as a pro with Kitna in 2006. Kitna is not going to compete with Romo for the starting job, but he's still good enough to pose a threat if Romo starts piling up turnovers.

Of the crop that included quarterbacks such as Kyle Boller, Rex Grossman, Jeff Garcia, Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch, I thought Kitna was the best option. He is three years younger than Garcia and he is a guy who could step in and win some games if Romo gets hurt again. The Cowboys learned a tough lesson about backup quarterbacks in 2008.

Maybe that has something to do with them being a little overzealous in going after Kitna.

Cowboys interested in Boller?

February, 27, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

The Dallas Cowboys have had preliminary talks with free-agent quarterback Kyle Boller about their backup position, according to Todd Archer. Boller would seemingly be a good fit with the Cowboys. He has a strong arm and he moves around pretty well. He's not going to challenge Tony Romo, but at 27, he is a much better option than Brad Johnson.