NFC East: Manny Pacquiao

Beast chat begins at high noon

March, 16, 2010
It's time to take a break from your tournament brackets and focus on the NFC East. Yes, I know many of you want to ask me about the No. 3 seed in the South, but we need to talk some football.

Since we last met, the Redskins have signed troubled running back Larry Johnson, the Giants landed quarterback Jim Sorgi, the Eagles visited with two running backs and the Cowboys hosted a Manny Pacquiao fight. We can also discuss what the Redskins are planning to do at No. 4 overall, which is part of today's "Big Question" on the blog network (1 p.m. ET).

If you click here, you can participate in one of the fastest-growing weekly chats from the SportsNation family. We're expecting unusually large crowds today, so plan on showing up early. I've been known to answer the first five questions in deference to punctuality.

Now let me suggest reading Andy Katz's breakdown of the South Regional.

Jerry promotes Pacquiao, Shanahan

March, 10, 2010
Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is busy this week promoting Saturday's Manny Pacquiao-Joshua Clottey fight at his new palace in Arlington, Texas. More than 40,000 fans are expected to watch Pacquiao defend his WBO welterweight title.

But Jones took a little time to visit with Comcast SportsNet's "Washington Post Live" on Tuesday and shared his thoughts on good friend Mike Shanahan.

"First of all, that was bad news for the Dallas Cowboys," Jones said of Shanahan's arrival in Washington. "Because I have that kind of respect for Mike Shanahan as a coach. He's outstanding. He's certainly been a long-term coach that I have all the respect for and everybody else in the league does, too. He'll do a great job there in Washington and I hope he doesn't do it at the Dallas Cowboys' expense."

So what if Wade Phillips and the Cowboys had missed the playoffs in '09? Would Jones have made a play for Shanahan? Actually, I think Dan Snyder would've had a big-time head start on Jones, so Shanahan would've still ended up with the Redskins. But as Bob Arum will attest, Jones can be pretty persuasive.

Programming note: In about 35 minutes, our weekly "Draft Watch" blog entry will appear on the Beast. This week, we're discussing how the NFC East teams have fared over the past three years and how that will impact the 2010 draft.