NFC East: Mike Schmidt

McNabb could alter his legacy

January, 13, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Les Bowen of the Philly Daily News takes an interesting look at how Donovan McNabb is on the verge of redefining his legacy. I wanted Bowen to delve into that Mike Schmidt comparison a little more, but I'll track him down at the Marriott bar Saturday night and ask him to elaborate.

OK, the chat begins in about five minutes. Hopefully you're all waiting in line.

Strahan: Leave Donovan alone

January, 8, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan spent a lot of afternoons chasing Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb -- and he caught him quite a few times. Now, he's using his new bully pulpit at FOX to defend McNabb in another way. In what is becoming one of the most enduring (and tiring) storylines in professional sports, Strahan can't understand why McNabb doesn't get more love in Philly.

"Everybody in Philly -- when he's gone, they're going to miss him," Strahan told the Philadelphia Daily News on Wednesday. "Even if they'd won the Super Bowl, I don't know if they'd be happy. It's like he can't do enough.

"I think he's handled it about as well as you could handle it. A lot of guys would have complained about, 'How dare you bench me?'" Strahan said. "They'd have tried to get the coach fired. Donovan said, 'I'll accept it like a man.' "

I prefer listening to the highly underrated Dallas Symphony Orchestra while reading quotes about the misunderstood McNabb. I'm not sure why Philly hasn't embraced McNabb, but it's not all that surprising. Mike Schmidt is in the Hall of Fame, but it would be a stretch to say he was beloved in Philadelphia. Bobby Clarke was idolized in this community, but that all changed when he moved to the the front office.

Brian Dawkins is the most beloved player on the team because he's always seemed like a true Philadelphian -- whatever that is. The citizens love people who wear their emotions on their sleeve, in part, because that's how many of them live life.

McNabb's always been a bit distant, somewhat reserved. I think the sensible Eagles fan has a healthy respect (yes, they're out there) for what McNabb has accomplished. He's just not going to be beloved. And that's OK. Let's not keep crying on his behalf in the national media. I think the guy's enjoyed a pretty solid career.

All this hand-wringing over the Baltimore benching is a little much. It happened. It worked. Now it's time to move on.