NFC East: Mosley Mailbag

What's in Mosley's Mailbag?

September, 12, 2008

Posted by's Matt Mosley

It's with great pleasure and raw energy that I roll out another mailbag column, which is now read in more than 72 different languages, including English. You've once again outdone yourself with probing questions and charges of Cowboys bias. In this session, you'll read about the four teams in the NFC East and at least one team from the Big 12. Please proceed with caution.

Waxhaw from parts unknown writes: Who do you feel is the safest pick this week besides the New York Giants?

Mosley: Waxhaw, don't sleep on the Rams. If seven or eight plays went the other way, they would've been right in the thick of things against Philly. OK, I'm kidding. Load up on the Giants -- if you're into that sort of thing. I don't see a lot of safe picks this week, but I do think seven points is a lot for the Eagles to be getting at Texas Stadium, a place where they've played well in recent years. Give me the Eagles and the points, but take the Cowboys to win straight up.

Paul in New York City would like to make the following point: I think Eagles-Cowboys or Redskins-Giants are better rivalries than Cowboys-Redskins. When was the last time a Cowboys-Redskins game meant something? Compare that with how many meaningful games the Giants and Redskins played from 1984-1993. Or how many meaningful games the Giants and Cowboys have played from 1993 through today. I actually think Redskins-Cowboys is one of the weakest rivalries among the four teams.

Mosley: Paul, the Eagles and Cowboys have gone through fairly long stretches where only one of the teams is dominant. The Eagles were great (1960) when the Cowboys first started, but there were some lean years before Vermeil arrived on the scene. And I agree that the Parcells Giants and the Gibbs Redskins had some great battles, but nothing compared to what was going on with George Allen and Tom Landry in the 70s. The two teams hated each other, and honestly, those were always the two most important games of the regular season. A rivalry like that transcends some of the tough stretches. The Eagles might like to think they're the Cowboys' biggest rival, but it's simply not true. Don't be a stranger, Paul.

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