Could Reggie Bush make sense for Giants?

INDIANAPOLIS -- The New York Giants are looking to improve their running game for 2015. They'd like to do this primarily by upgrading the run blocking on their offensive line, but it's also clear from talking to people familiar with the Giants' plans that they're on the lookout for another running back -- specifically a "home run hitter" type who's a threat to catch the ball out of the backfield and hit a big play. They like Rashad Jennings and Andre Williams for their between-the-tackles work, but they're still looking for someone who can fill the role they had mapped out for David Wilson before neck injuries forced him to retire last year.

So when our man Mike Rothstein wrote this post Wednesday about the possibility of the Detroit Lions cutting veteran running back Reggie Bush, my antennae went up. Bush fits the description of a big-play threat who can catch the ball, and assuming he'd accept a smaller, more specific role in an offense, he could be an appealing option for the Giants if the Lions do put him on the market.

The drawbacks include the fact that Bush turns 30 in March as well as his extensive injury history. But the list of guys the Giants could pursue for this role is filled with imperfect solutions. C.J. Spiller has a history of injuries, Shane Vereen could cost too much, Antone Smith broke his leg in November, etc.

Anyway, the Giants are here at the combine looking at a variety of draft prospects, and they'll have their eyes open for a specialty running back if one makes sense in the middle rounds. But they're also likely to look around at veteran options as we get closer to the start of free agency next month. So, you know. Just sayin'.