Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo about to surpass Roger Staubach


IRVING, Texas -- If all goes according to plan on Sunday, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will surpass Hall of Famer Roger Staubach for number of starts in franchise history at 115.

When Romo plays against the New York Giants at AT&T Stadium he will have 115 starts, second-most in franchise history behind Troy Aikman (165).

"Roger is the elite of the elite," said Romo, who is behind Staubach (85) and Aikman (94) in wins with 68. "I think anytime you're good at anything and you're mentioned in the same breath, playing the same number of games, it's obviously a huge honor. You're just humbled by it, but knowing Roger the way I do, he's excited by what we've been doing. I'll be excited to see him after one of these home wins and get a chance to communicate with him."

Staubach reached out to Romo after he became a full-time starter in 2006, and the two formed a close relationship. Staubach has said many times that he believes the Cowboys will win a Super Bowl with Romo as the starting quarterback.

"It's been great," Romo said of having Staubach in his corner. "I think just knowing you have a guy like that reaching out and saying positive things and believing in me, it makes you feel that you are doing something right. He's been great to me and my family, and we will be huge Roger Staubach fans."