Devin Thomas isn't backing down

Redskins wide receiver could have been humiliated by his third-team status on the Redskins' latest depth chart, but he's apparently taking things in stride. The former Michigan State star thinks coach Mike Shanahan may be sending him a message.

"I'm not listening to all the stuff that's out there or in the papers or whatever, I'm just doing what I need to do on the field, what the coaches tell me I need to do, because that's all that matters," said Thomas on Wednesday. "Coach Shanahan expects a lot and I expect a lot from myself.

"When you see that [the depth chart], that's Coach Shanahan showing you there's a lot you need to do to get to that level he wants you to play. I know how hard I'm working and I know I just need to keep going out there and competing every day. [The depth chart] is just for now. Nothing is set yet. We'll see what happens."

That's a good response from Thomas. I can't imagine him remaining behind the likes of Joey Galloway and Roydell Williams on the depth chart, but he needs to start making his move now. Shanahan has reminded Malcolm Kelly and Thomas that nothing will be handed to them based on potential.

Now, Kelly desperately needs to get back on the practice field. His hamstring issues are becoming an annual theme in training camp.