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Haynesworth checks in with Beast

August, 16, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

BALTIMORE -- Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth didn't play in Thursday's preseason game against the Ravens, but he did take some time to visit with the NFC East blog. He discussed Michael Vick, Greg Blache's defensive scheme and his passion for Wal-Mart. Here's a portion of the interview:


What are your thoughts on having to face Michael Vick twice a season?

AH: I'm glad someone signed him. The man's suffered enough. But I've played with Steve McNair and Vince Young. Mobile quarterbacks aren't anything new to me.

Do you need to play in the preseason to feel comfortable?

AH: I'm going to play next week. I'd really like to get out there. I think playing next to my new teammates would really be beneficial.

You've only made it through a complete season once without some type of injury. Have you done anything to address that?

AH: I haven't done anything different. I'd rather go 1,000 percent through 14 games and help get my team in the playoffs than play all 16 and not be right. That's how I've been an All-Pro and a Pro Bowl player.

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McNabb, Campbell react to McNair's tragic death

July, 6, 2009

Posted by's Matt Mosley

What's supposed to be a quiet time in the NFL was interrupted by the shocking death of former Titans and Ravens quarterback Steve McNair in Nashville on Saturday. As police search for answers as to why McNair's life was cut short, his former teammates and competitors lined up to pay tribute to him.

Here's what Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb had to say via the team's Web site:

"Shocking. Tragic. I can't find many other words to describe what happened to Steve McNair," said McNabb. "He was a good friend to me over the years. My condolences go out to his family."

McNabb, McNair and Doug Williams are the only African-Americans who have started in a Super Bowl. Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell talked about what he called the "fraternity" of black quarterbacks in the league.

"The whole black quarterback thing, it's like a fraternity," Campbell said. "Guys who played before you pass the torch down to younger guys. You always keep in contact with those guys who came before you. You try to keep in contact with them and learn as much as possible from them. Losing a guy like that from our fraternity ... it hurts because of how much you looked up to him. He's definitely one of the guys I looked up to. A lot of other guys looked up to him too. It's just a real hard day."

Beast nuggets you can use to impress co-workers

September, 17, 2008

Posted by's Matt Mosley

If you haven't visited the Web site,, there's no time like the present. In the wake of Monday's epic Cowboys-Eagles game, the folks at Cold, Hard have come up with several fascinating nuggets.

I couldn't hear the broadcast from my seat at Texas Stadium on Monday, but apparently Mike Tirico mentioned that Donovan McNabb was one of only seven quarterbacks in the history of the league to have thrown for 25,000 yards and run for 2,500. So who are the other six?

  • John Elway -- 51,475 passing yards and 3,407 rushing yards
  • Frank Tarkenton -- 47,003 and 3,674
  • Steve Young -- 33,124 and 4,239
  • Steve McNair -- 31,304 and 3,590
  • Randall Cunningham -- 29,979 and 4,928
  • Jim Harbaugh -- 26,288 and 2,787
  • Donovan McNabb -- 25,765 and 2,965

And here are some players who barely missed the mark:

  • Bobby Layne -- 26,768 and 2,451
  • Rich Gannon -- 28,743 and 2,449
  • Mark Brunell -- 31,826 and 2,433 (still has a shot)
  • Terry Bradshaw -- 27,989 and 2,257
  • Steve Grogan -- 26,886 and 2,176

The other item I found interesting is that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is on his way to having the highest passer rating in the history of the league. Through 28 starts and 919 attempts, Romo now has a 97.6 rating. Steve Young has the highest with 96.8. Romo needs 581 attempts to reach the league minimum for ending up in the record books.