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Predictions: Possible Cowboys Cuts

August, 30, 2008

Posted by's Matt Mosley

After talking to a couple people with the Cowboys, here's a list of the guys who I think will be cut. Coming down the stretch, cornerbacks Evan Oglesby and Alan Ball were in a dogfight for a roster spot. Still don't have a great feel for what will happen there, but a conversation last night led me to believe there was hope for Ball. But he's still getting cut on my list:

The Mosley cuts:

Todd Lowber, WR (not even "Hard Knocks" could save this talented but RAW kid.)

Danny Amendola, WR (prime practice squad candidate.)

Mark Bradford, WR (not familiar with his work.)

James Marten, G (this is the only slight surprise. Marten was a third-round draft choice in 2007.)

Adam Stenavich, G (Adam, we hardly knew ya. He was cut to make room for Larry Allen to retire as a Cowboy.)

Ryan Gibbons, C (no real need for a third-team center.)

Rodney Hannah, TE (did some really nice things late in camp. If you can keep him on the practice squad, do it. Great size and played under an excellent college coach named Art Briles.)

Drew Atchison, TE (nice effort during camp, but not enough.)

Julius Crosslin, FB (never met him.)

Alonzo Coleman, RB (flashed at times in practice and might help on practice squad.)

Keon Lattimore, RB (Ray Ray's going to be upset.)

Junior Siavii, NT (Cowboys hoping to drum up some trade interest. This guy could help someone.)

Marcus Dixon, DE (never could get on the field because of an injury.)

Darrell Robertson, LB (had his moments, but this team's OK at linebacker.)

Tyson Smith, LB (best known for getting lit up by Marion Barber on "Hard Knocks.")

Tearrius George, LB (flashed against the Vikings the other night, but a little too late.)

Erik Walden, LB (If Alan Ball and Evan Oglesby both make the team, something has to give. And even though Walden has some huge supporters at Valley Ranch, I'm afraid he'd be the guy to go.)

Dowayne Davis, SS (It's too bad because he did some serious damage during camp. And I love his name.)

A lot of people have third-team quarterback Richard Bartel getting cut, but as of this morning, he was on the 53-man roster.

Barber lays smackdown on Smith

July, 31, 2008

Posted by's Matt Mosley

Marion BarberTyson Smith

OXNARD, Calif. -- I was about to blog on the redemption of Quincy Carter when I heard a huge collision on the practice field. By the time NFL East blog personnel arrived, former Iowa State linebacker Tyson Smith was lying on his back. Two sources close to the situation revealed that Cowboys running back Marion Barber destroyed Smith during a blitz pickup drill.

When last seen, athletic trainer Britt Brown was asking if Smith could recall his hometown.

In other news, several players on the team (mostly Red Sox fans) are buzzing about the trade that sent Manny Ramirez to the Dodgers.

From what I can tell, they don't have a favorable opinion on receiving Pirates outfielder Jason Bay. To make the deal go through, Pittsburgh threw in its Double A organization.

Back with some Quincy reaction in a few moments.



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