Packers' rookie salary pool will leave only $5.3 million in cap space

GREEN BAY, Wis. – The Green Bay Packers’ seven draft picks will eat up almost exactly half of their remaining salary-cap space.

The Packers’ salary pool for their draft class is $5,315,527. According to the latest NFL Players Association information, the Packers have $10,657,816 in available cap room for this season. If they use their entire rookie pool – and last year they used all but $1 of it – it would leave them with $5,342,289.

Last year, they had about $11 million left in cap space after they signed their 2015 draft picks.

The Packers are going to need all the cap room they can come up with considering their 2017 free-agent class, which includes three of the five offensive line starters (David Bakhtiari, T.J. Lang and Josh Sitton), plus running back Eddie Lacy.

The Packers haven’t signed any of their draft picks yet, but those signings should start soon.

Here's a breakdown of each draft pick's maximum allowable salary-cap figure for 2016, according to NFLPA records:

All rookie draft picks will sign four-year contracts. Clark’s will contain a fifth-year team option.

Clark, the 27th overall pick in the draft, should expect a slight increase over the deal signed by Cowboys cornerback Byron Jones, who was picked in the same spot last year. Jones’s four-year deal was worth up to $8,601,940 with nearly $7 million guaranteed (including a $4,515,956 signing bonus).