No Hail Mary needed: Packers crush Lions on Twitter with one good tweet

The Detroit Lions tried to get creative Friday on Twitter. It might have backfired in a completely predictable way.

The person running the team’s Twitter account tweeted #NotAFacemaskFriday – a play on #FlashbackFriday – with a GIF of Devin Taylor hitting Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers in slow motion but missing the facemask on the final timed play of the Thursday night game between the teams last season.

Of course, Taylor was flagged for a facemask on the play, giving Rodgers and the Packers one untimed play. Pretty much everyone knows what happened next as Rodgers lofted a Hail Mary against a poor Detroit defensive scheme that ended up being caught in the end zone by tight end Richard Rodgers for a game-winning touchdown. It all but ended any Lions playoff hopes and kept the Lions from sweeping Green Bay for the first time since 1991.

Green Bay’s Twitter account fired back at the Lions.

That would have been enough. But they added another gut-wrenching play for the Lions for good measure.

The Packers lead the all-time series 96-68-7. It's 97 if you count the Twitter exchange.