Mayhew would prefer players walking on the ground, not on biplane wings


Martin Mayhew saw a picture of DeAndre Levy walking out on the wing of a biplane in Washington, and that was enough. He didn’t need to see any more. He didn’t need to watch the video.

He’s come to expect his star linebacker will do adventurous things during his offseasons, but it doesn’t mean he has to enjoy seeing it happen. He would much prefer his players still landlocked, be it Levy walking on planes or quarterback Matthew Stafford jumping out of them.

Stafford went skydiving and bungee jumping with his wife, Kelly, on their honeymoon earlier this month. Stafford said this week he did not tell the Lions about it beforehand because he didn't want to be told he couldn't do it. He figured it would be better to be forgiven for doing it after the fact.

Mayhew said so far he has mostly been communicating with his players after they do daredevil activities, essentially saying not to do it.

“So far, it’s been telling them after they’ve already done it, but yeah, I think we need to work on that a little bit and keep our feet on the ground and stay safe,” Mayhew said. “With DeAndre I was not surprised at all, but I think that’s something that we just need to be aware of because it’s not a big deal until something bad happens, right?

“I saw a picture and that was all I needed to see. I’d rather them just not do that. I don’t want them doing that.”

He’s probably safe for at least the next couple months, as the Lions have offseason workouts to deal with before getting extended time off until training camp begins later this summer.