Do Green Bay players welcome a Favre comeback?

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
How would the return of quarterback Brett Favre go over in the Green Bay Packers' locker room? Veteran cornerback Al Harris, for one, said he would "welcome Brett with open arms."

Appearing today on NFL Live, Harris said he wasn't surprised to hear an ESPN report on Favre's possible return. (In fact, Harris noted that Favre has told him he has the "itch" to play as well.)

Harris said he is glad he won't have to make the final decision on Favre's status and was careful to express support for current starter Aaron Rodgers. But he made clear Harris that Favre's possible return is a special circumstance.

"As a veteran and as a leader of the team," Harris said, "I would welcome Brett with open arms. "

He added: "We embrace Aaron. We support Aaron. Aaron is our quarterback. Brett is retired, but if he wants to come back, there will be some guys that wouldn't mind it."

This is a sensitive issue within the Packers locker room, where players have made the conscious effort to transition from following Favre to supporting Rodgers. Since the day Favre retired, Packers players have known their playoff hopes rest on a smooth changeover.

Now, less than a month before training camp, can they remain 100 percent committed to Rodgers while the potential exists for Favre's return? What if some players begin secretly wishing for Favre, choosing the proven commodity over the unknown?

It's not clear if the Packers' front office wants Favre back. But Favre's interest is enough to slow down what has been a smooth transition in the Green Bay locker room.

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