Have at It: Clifton or Tauscher?

My favorite SportsNation chats are the ones that spur further discussion throughout the week, and Tuesday's certainly qualified. Russell brought up an interesting way to consider one of Green Bay's offseason quandaries:

If you had to pick one to keep, who would it be: [Mark] Tauscher or [Chad] Clifton for the Packers this next year?

I thought it was an interesting question with no clear answer. There is no reason to think Green Bay will be forced to choose between the two. But as we've noted before, some day they will have to initiate a succession plan for both players' positions. So for our latest edition of Have at It, tell me who you think the Packers' priority should be while navigating free agency -- and, in conjunction, who they're more equipped to replace. Some ideas to consider:

  • By the end of last season, Tauscher seemed to have regained his stride after a December 2008 knee injury.

  • By comparison, Clifton struggled to stay on the field in 2009.

  • Internally, the Packers' top replacement candidate is T.J. Lang. He played both positions in 2009 but is physically more suited to right tackle.

  • The Packers have the No. 23 overall pick in the draft, a spot where they're likely to have a better choice of right tackles than left tackles.

As always, I'll sift through your responses and post a representative sample -- along with my own take -- on Friday morning. Have at It.