Black and Blue all over: Clausen's role

April, 1, 2010
Tom Kowalski of makes an important point about the impact of Notre Dame quarterback Jimmy Clausen on Detroit's draft status.

No, the Lions aren't interested in drafting Clausen a year after selecting Matthew Stafford at No. 1 overall. But Clausen represents the Lions' best chance to trade down out of the No. 2 overall pick, allowing them to accumulate additional picks to re-stock their roster.

It would be much more likely for a team to trade up for a quarterback than it would be for any of the elite defensive tackles that will be available at No. 2 overall. That's the nature of the game. So it's in the Lions' best interest to hope that at least one team -- Washington? Seattle? Cleveland? -- falls in love with Clausen and decides it can't leave the draft without him. With St. Louis apparently poised to select Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford, the Lions' No. 2 overall pick is the first place to guarantee Clausen's availability.

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