'Skins can't ask for cash for Haynesworth

Here is some important and relevant information on a potential Albert Haynesworth trade from someone who would know. Former Green Bay contract negotiator Andrew Brandt, who now writes for and operates the National Football Post, notes the NFL would not allow a trade partner to re-pay any part of the $21 million roster bonus Haynesworth received last week from Washington.

Brandt: "The NFL player personnel handbook states that the sale or trade of player contract rights for any amount of money is prohibited as conduct detrimental to the league. Unlike the NBA or Major League Baseball, this is not allowed."

We touched on this issue briefly Wednesday when discussing the possibility of Detroit acquiring Haynesworth and reuniting him with coach Jim Schwartz. It actually makes the deal more palatable from the Lions' perspective -- essentially, Haynesworth would be under contract for two years at about $9 million -- but it's hard to imagine the Redskins eating the $21 million to make a deal.

Brandt does offer this suggestion: A team could indirectly help the Redskins' finances by also agreeing to take tailback Clinton Portis and his $7.2 million in 2010 salary, of which $6.43 million is guaranteed. The Lions do have a short-term need at running back while Kevin Smith continues his knee rehabilitation. Stay tuned.