How low can you go?

December, 20, 2008
Posted by's Kevin Seifert

As Detroit approaches history, it's our moral responsibility to look ahead at the next potential milestone. The Lions are two games away from 0-16. So what's next?

If they finish winless this season, the Lions will have produced the fourth-worst losing streak in NFL history, dating to the earliest days of the league. Two more losses would put Detroit's streak at 17 games, including the 2007 regular-season finale. It's a feat surpassed by only two other post-merger teams and four overall.

The worst? From 1976-77, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost 26 consecutive games.

Here is the comprehensive list for historic safe-keeping, as provided by ESPN Stats & Information:

Longest NFL Losing Streaks
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26 1976-77
Chicago Cardinals 19 1942-43, 1945*
Oakland Raiders 19 1961-62
Houston Oilers 18 1972-73
Dayton Triangles 17 1927-29 (now defunct)
Washington Redskins 17 1960-61
Houston Oilers 17 1982-83
Rochester Jeffersons 16 1922-25 (now defunct)
Pittsburgh Steelers 16 1969-70
Miami Dolphins 16 2006-07
Detroit Lions 15 2007-08
Buffalo Bills 15 1970-71
Carolina Panthers 15 2001
*1944 season discounted because Chicago and Pittsburgh combined teams in wartime measure



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