Packers' Woodson returns to corner

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert

We've covered Charles Woodson's move from cornerback to safety pretty heavily around here, so it's only fair to point out he likely will be back at cornerback Monday night for Green Bay's matchup against Chicago.

Speaking to reporters Saturday in Green Bay, Packers coach Mike McCarthy indicated that Aaron Rouse will get a chance to start at safety, allowing Woodson to move back to his original position. Rouse has had an inconsistent second season, but the Packers are in the right spot -- i.e., eliminated from the playoffs -- to give him another chance.

Here's what McCarthy said:

"I think it's an important game for all of us. We need to win a football game as a football team. That's our focus. This is another opportunity for Aaron to be the starter, and we could talk about any position. When you get a chance to start, you need to perform. This is a performance business. The players clearly understand that. We talk about job responsibilities and a number of things you need to reiterate during the course of the year, and this is a great opportunity for him to step up. That's pro football. Injuries are part of our game, and we look for him to be impactful, which he has been in spots, but it's the consistency of playing four quarters that's going to be his challenge Monday night."

I generally agree with the sentiment that prompted Woodson's move to safety: The idea of getting your best players on the field. But I've always thought this case was an exception. Woodson's coverage skills are so rare that it seems you deny yourself a big weapon if you move him to the less-taxing safety position.