Favre's 'itch' natural for retired QBs

Posted by ESPN.com's James Walker

Chris Mortensen's report Wednesday of Brett Favre considering a return to the NFL brought me back to an interview I had in March with former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar.
Kosar, who retired in 1996, was returning to competitive football as a first-time general manager of the Cleveland Gladiators in the Arena Football League. The natural question was, why get back into the grind of pro sports after all these years?

"I joke with people that, at 44, I'm going through a midlife crisis," Kosar said at the time. "So instead of getting a girlfriend, the competition from football is something that I really miss."

Kosar's explanation of getting a front-office job could also explain Favre's situation. This is the time of year players get ready for the season. Favre has done it for 17 straight years in the NFL, so it's natural for his body to say, "Let's go!"

Kosar said earlier this year he still feels the same itch that Favre reportedly is feeling.

"Father Time gets you in terms of the actual playing,'' Kosar added. "I was joking with some of the quarterbacks that I still think I can make some of the throws. ... But I'm not sure I can take the hits like these guys can."

Unlike Kosar, Favre still can take the hits. The question is, does he want to?