That 2007 first round

While hashing through the demise of Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell, AFC West colleague Bill Williamson revisited the first round of the 2007 draft. Perhaps this is always the case three years later, but I was struck at the disparate impact that draft had on the NFC North.

Two teams drafted the player now considered the best on their roster. Another team totally whiffed. And a fourth has put its first-rounder into a transition phase of his career.

Take a look at the chart below. Detroit drafted receiver Calvin Johnson and Minnesota gobbled up tailback Adrian Peterson. Green Bay, meanwhile, has gotten 13 games, 28 tackles and no sacks from oft-injured defensive lineman Justin Harrell. Chicago had tight end Greg Olsen on an ascending ladder until shifting to an offense this year that will require more blocking than he is used to.

Wow. I think I just decided that the draft is a crapshoot. Take that to the house.