Charles Tillman appreciates U.S. troops

As we head into the Memorial Day weekend, let's take a moment to heed the words of Charles Tillman. The Chicago Bears cornerback spent eight days this spring on a USO tour to Iraq and Kuwait. (See the photo gallery here on ChicagoBears.com.)

Here's what Tillman said after visiting U.S. troops in both countries:

I just wanted them to know that I appreciate what they do. It’s hot over there. They’ve got all this armor on. They’ve got guns. It’s war. They’re out there working hard. They’re working seven days a week, 8-to-12 hours a day. They do 12-month tours at a time. They’re away from their family. They want to come home. They want to see their kids. But they’ve got a job to do and they’re doing a damn good job.

Amen, and thank you to all of the nation's service men and women.