Daily mailbag redux: Add Rosenfels

Daggone it. I got too cute for my own good at the end of Monday morning's daily mailbag post. In looking for a way to reference last year's receiver brouhaha, I whiffed on arguably the most notable veteran in the entire division whose job could be in jeopardy.

As rovibe71 was quick to point out in the comment section, it's Minnesota Vikings quarterback Sage Rosenfels. You have the floor, rovibe71:

Seifert, you missed the obvious one in Minnesota -- Sage Rosenfels! Easy money. Take it to the bank. (My bank, please). Joe Webb will take Rosenfels' roster spot, and not because I buy the local hype that Webb is going to do anything anytime soon, but because Sage is overpaid for a 3rd stringer who couldn't beat out Tarvaris Jackson, and is now giving up reps to Webb in the recent minicamp. He's gone! Of course, that is all contingent on [Brett] Favre's return.

Agreed on every point. For reasons that are difficult to understand, Rosenfels has appeared a marked man ever since the Vikings acquired him from Houston last season and gave him a two-year, $9 million contract extension. The saga opens itself to all kinds of Machiavellian speculation, but as of now it's nothing but connecting the dots between a personnel director (Rick Spielman) who has traded for Rosenfels twice in his career and a coach (Brad Childress) who has always backed project Tarvaris Jackson.

Joe Webb mania is totally out of control these days. But regardless, it's hard to imagine the Vikings paying Rosenfels nearly $5 million -- almost three times more than Jackson -- to be the No. 3 quarterback again this season. I wonder if the Vikings will even keep a third quarterback this year; the decision to sign kickoff specialist Rhys Lloyd means they'll have to cut another position somewhere. Barring Favre's retirement or an injury to Jackson, I think rovibe71 is making a pretty sure bet.