Tonight on Masterpiece Theatre: More Favre

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
I was all set to reveal to you, dear readers, my Grand Conspiracy Theory before the pesky Tom Pelissero of the Green Bay Press-Gazette beat me to it.

Here it is anyway.

The short version: If Brett Favre really wanted to, he could force the New York Jets into a chain reaction of moves that could end with him landing at a seemingly impossible destination: Minnesota.

When they traded Favre to the Jets last year, the Packers insisted on a "poison pill" provision that would require the Jets to forfeit multiple first-round picks if they traded him back to an NFC North team. But there is a way around that obstacle, if Favre is willing and interested.

This is how it would work:

  1. Favre retires, taking his $13 million salary cap charge for 2009 off the books. (Done!)

  2. Favre waffles. (Any day now.)

  3. Favre decides he wants to play in 2009 and requests reinstatement from the Jets. (You can't rule it out.)

  4. The Jets, who are tighter against the cap than any other NFL team, don't have $13 million in cap space and would need to cut other players or at least restructure their contracts in order to squeeze him back onto the roster. And that's assuming they want him back as their starter sometime this summer. (Debatable.)

  5. The Jets can't trade Favre without first adding him to the roster. (NFL fact.)

  6. The Jets release him rather than make the necessary cap adjustments. (Very plausible.)

  7. Favre becomes a free agent. (NFL rule.)

  8. Favre considers only a handful of teams. Minnesota is one of his top choices. (Long rumored.)

  9. Favre and the Vikings agree to terms on a contract. (Voila!)

There you have it. Brett Favre from retirement to Minnesota in nine easy steps.