As we chat: Vikings consider Rosenfels

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Thanks to everyone who participated in our weekly chat at our new Bat-day and new Bat-time. As it turned out, the schedule was quite fortuitous and made me look especially insightful.

It started with this exchange:

Andrew NJ: Hey Kevin, what do you think will most likely happen with Minnesota this year at Quarterback, and what are possible additional free agents they may add when free agency opens.

SportsNation Kevin Seifert: (1:02 PM ET ) Andrew, the most likely scenario is Tarvaris Jackson and either Gus Frerotte or another veteran competing for the starting job. Jackson would have the upper hand in that battle because he ended 2008 as the starter. There are other possibilities, but that one seems the most likely to me.

And turned midway on this one:

Brett (Houston, TX): So says the Houston Chronicle: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/front/6276358.html Any truth to that? Sage Rosenchoppa/Rosenfels to the Vikings?

SportsNation Kevin Seifert: (1:44 PM ET ) I take that back. Wow. That comes as a surprise to me. A couple things jump out to me. The fact that he is available this year, and wasn't last year, suggest the Texans aren't as high on him. Rosenfels had a pretty uneven peformance last year.

But this doesn't change the overall picture. Rosenfels, I presume, will fill the Frerotte role and compete with Tarvaris Jackson in training camp. Tarvaris will be the favorite in that competition.

Yes, we had significant NFC North news break while we were chatting: According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, Minnesota is close to acquiring Texans backup quarterback Sage Rosenfels for a fourth-round pick.

The trade can't be official until the new league year opens at the end of this week, so we're not likely to hear official comment from either team until then. But here are my initial thoughts:

  1. Friday, Vikings coach Brad Childress said he wanted to create a quarterback competition that would include Tarvaris Jackson and someone else. His first option was Gus Frerotte. It's not clear what happened between then and now. But in my view, Rosenfels replaces Frerotte as Jackson's veteran challenger if this trade is finalized.

  2. In my view, it would be naïve to consider Jackson anything other than the favorite heading into training camp for all the same reasons that we discussed last week. If all things are equal, Jackson wins the job. Rosenfels wins only if he is lights-out or if Jackson falls on his face.

  3. The Vikings couldn't pry Rosenfels away from the Texans last year when they offered a third-round pick. The fact that he's available for a fourth-rounder a year later illustrates Houston's altered view of his value.

  4. We had a fair amount of discussion about a smokescreen last week. Here's what I'll allow: Childress might have exaggerated his enthusiasm about Frerotte returning, but the essence of his message was forthright: He wants a competition between Jackson and a veteran. I would categorize Rosenfels, who turns 31 next month, as a younger Frerotte. He has started 12 games in eight years.

We'll have more as the day and week moves on.