Lions sign B. Johnson, continue quest for firepower

Posted by Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc.

The Detroit Lions' signing of Bryant Johnson makes a lot of sense for this organization. Despite their many needs, it behooved them to add yet another promising wideout during the offseason. Everyone knows about Calvin Johnson. He is amazing and will demand a ton of attention from defenses. Even double covered, Johnson will be the Lions' 2009 quarterback's (whomever that might be) best friend.

That's why the Lions needed more firepower. Bryant Johnson is not a dynamic game-changing player, but he is a former first-round selection with an impressive combination of size and speed. He's at a critical point of his career. He also proved that he is capable of being quite productive when he is teamed with super talented teammates, as he was during his time with the Arizona Cardinals next to Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald.

Neither veteran Daunte Culpepper nor University of Georgia prospect Matthew Stafford -- who is a very strong possibility to be Detroit's first-round selection -- is known for his pinpoint accuracy. Having big receivers with large catching radiuses is going to be very important to the Lions' quarterback, as it increases the size of the target to hit. No one in the league is a better example of this than Calvin Johnson, but Johnson brings much of this to the table as well. This signing makes a lot of sense for the lowly Lions. Don't be surprised if Johnson goes on to have a pretty respectable season with his new team.