Mayhew: 'We need to win some games'

Most of us look at the 2010 Detroit Lions and see an explosive offense paired with a defense that needs help at linebacker and in the secondary. General manager Martin Mayhew has a broader view. Asked what the team needs Monday during an interview session, here's what Mayhew said:

"Wins -- we need to win some games. That's what we need more than anything. Our guys have to start playing together, trusting each other and just learning how to win football games."

I don't disagree, especially after watching the Lions lose 28 of their 30 games since the inception of this blog. But a big part of winning is having the opportunity to compete in every phase of the game. It's amazing how a mentality can change when the talent level is upgraded.

Of all the personnel concerns the Lions should have on defense, none looms larger than middle linebacker. They were already taking a leap of faith by shifting DeAndre Levy into that role, but Levy's summer-long set of injuries -- a groin strain kept him out of practice Monday -- has put the Lions in a tough spot. Levy's likeliest replacement is Landon Johnson, a veteran free agent who spent the past two seasons with the Carolina Panthers and was signed mostly for special teams reasons. Stay tuned.