Packers-Bears I: Trivia Time answer

Thanks for participating in our inaugural Trivia Time post. I knew you would choose that over actually working on a Friday morning.

The last time the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers were undefeated heading into their first rivalry game (not counting season openers) was on Sept. 16, 1990. Both teams were 1-0 before the Bears took a 31-13 victory at Lambeau Field. Packers fans are no doubt still bemoaning the fact that quarterback Anthony Dilweg shared time in that game with Don Majkowski. The Bears were led by an efficient 11-of-14 day by Jim Harbaugh back when NFC North teams actually ran the ball.

The Bears went on to win the NFC Central with an 11-5 record, while the Packers finished 6-10.

The last time they were both 2-0? You have to go all the way back to Sept. 30, 1962. The Packers won that game 49-0 at Lambeau Field, getting 126 yards and three touchdowns from Jim Taylor and five turnovers from their defense. That team went on to win the NFL Championship with a 13-1 record and was also our choice as the best Packers team in history during a project we posted in July. The Bears finished that season 9-5.

For our next trick, we'll address how a collective bargaining agreement becomes ratified. Be sure to tune in.