Getting inside the Giants' sack numbers

The New York Giants' 10-sack performance Sunday night, including nine in the first half, nearly defies explanation for the Chicago Bears. And after seeing one of the statistical illustrations, I'm not sure I'm any closer to understanding.

Eight of the 10 sacks came on what ESPN Stats & Information refers to as a standard rush. That means the Giants sent four or fewer rushers in those instances. In other words, they blitzed on only two of the 10 sacks. Those eight sacks were the result of four players beating five offensive linemen plus any tight ends that stayed home for protection.

The stat has been tracked since the start of the 2008 season. Before Sunday night, no team had exceeded six four-rush sacks in a game.

Obviously this is an unofficial statistic with some level of subjectivity involved. Sometimes, for example, linebackers blitz when they see a running back stay in for protection. But regardless, the context provided by the full numbers below gives a clearer picture of where the problems originated Sunday night.