Day 1 wrap-up

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
The first two rounds of the 2009 draft are in the books. The day started with Detroit officials explaining why they drafted quarterback Matthew Stafford and ended with Chicago trading itself out of the second round. Let's wrap things up with some final NFC North thoughts:

  • Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said the team had some discussion Saturday with Arizona about trading for receiver Anquan Boldin. But I would say Angelo's decision to trade his second-round pick to Seattle pretty much rules out the revival of those talks.

  • Minnesota managed to snag a playmaking receiver and a potential starting offensive tackle in one day. Oklahoma offensive tackle Phil Loadholt, projected by some as a late first-round pick, was available with the Vikings' second-round pick at No. 54 overall. The Vikings heavily scouted Oklahoma's pro day, and Loadholt visited the Vikings' facility earlier this month. He should have every opportunity to beat out Ryan Cook at right tackle.

  • I'll have some additional thoughts Sunday about the Vikings' decision to draft Percy Harvin. For now, I'll leave with you a quote from Harvin about his meeting Wednesday with coach Brad Childress: "It was tremendous. Me and him, we didn't specifically talk about any subject. Anything that went on, we just kind of talked about it. It was kind of like we was like buddies, just doing a lot of things. We went out to eat. We didn't specifically talk about anything like football or anything like that. For the most part, it was just hanging out and getting to know each other. It was a great, tremendous visit. Even after that, we texted each other. Everything went very good."

  • That said, don't let anyone tell you that Harvin isn't a risk at some level. I love the way ESPN analyst Herm Edwards put it: "This guy is one of those guys, whether he's driving a Ferrari, a Cadillac, a Volkswagen -- if he even goes to Disneyland and drives the little cars that run on the rail -- he's going to have a wreck. So you better have a good body and fender man. ... There's going to be some things you have to deal with and you know that. But this guy is an explosive player."

  • Safety Louis Delmas, Detroit's second-round pick, played at the same school (Western Michigan) as Green Bay receiver Greg Jennings. So I'm guessing this quote, made in jest, will somehow make its way to Lambeau Field: "I'm about to text him and [say], 'Don't slip up and come across the middle because there is going to be a rude awakening.'"

  • There is little doubt about what Lions coach Jim Schwartz is planning at quarterback for at least the early part of 2009. Consider this quote: "We're in a really good position right now with a rejuvenated Daunte Culpepper. Daunte has done an incredible job between the end of the season and now of making a commitment and being back. I think anybody that saw any of our minicamp sees a lot of the old Daunte Culpepper. I think it's a great situation to be in where we have a comfort level with what Daunte has done up to this point...." I suppose Matthew Stafford could beat out Culpepper in training camp. But if everything is equal, it appears Stafford will get some developmental time on the bench.

  • If the Packers liked Clay Matthews Jr. enough to trade back into the first-round to get him, you can assume he is on track to be an immediate starter. Aaron Kampman figures to man the pass-rushing outside linebacker position, leaving Matthews to play over the tight end. Right? General manager Ted Thompson: "I think he can do either. I think he's proven, and if you watch tape on him, he's a very versatile guy."

  • As a result of Saturday's trade with Seattle, the Bears now have nine picks on Sunday. Included in the loot is two picks in the third round and two in the fourth.