Carter: Moss lacks respect for authority

If Brad Childress had talked to Cris Carter before acquiring receiver Randy Moss last month, I bet the trade never would have happened.

Appearing on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" show Thursday morning, Carter exposed what I think is a central reason for this debacle.

"Randy’s problem is that Randy does not have a great deal of respect for male authority," Carter said. "If you’re wishy-washy, if you’re not a man’s man, if you don’t shoot it to him straight, Randy Moss is going to give you problems. He sure enough is going to give you problems."

Carter hammered Moss for his recent behavior, saying "at 33 years of age, you should have graduated from that." But ultimately, Carter nailed it. Moss didn't respect Childress, who knew it and waived him as a matter of self-preservation.