Daily mailbag: Favre could surpass Marshall in purple

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Jon of Minnesota suggests a juicy angle to the possibility that Brett Favre could some day end up in Minnesota:

I bleed purple and won't venture to guess what Favre's going to do. Brett probably doesn't even know. One other interesting factoid though which you ... didn't mention. The consecutive games record is at 270 by former Vikings great (and goof) Jim Marshall. Favre is currently at 269. Just saying.

As long as we're blogging from Fantasyland, we might as well consider the possibility of Favre surpassing Marshall's mark while in a Vikings uniform. Oh, the irony. (Or is it just interesting? The actual definition of irony always escapes me.)

There are a few caveats to Jon's suggestions. First, Favre's agent reiterated Wednesday that Favre has no plans to play in 2009. Take that for what it's worth.

Second, New York Giants punter Jeff Feagles technically owns the consecutive-games streak, which stands at 336. Marshall's record is for non-kickers/punters.

Second: While it's commonly held that Marshall's streak is 270 games, the NFL record book lists it at 282. The 12-game discrepancy dates back to Marshall's rookie season with Cleveland in 1960. He started 270 consecutive games but played in 282.

Favre could surpass both numbers by playing a 16-game season in 2009. But he's retired so there's no way that could happen.