This is starting to get silly

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Now is about the time when we all say: Calgon! Take me away.

(If you're too young or cool for that reference, too bad.)

Thursday, we agreed to consider this latest Brett Favre cycle in the past tense. Friday, we don't really have that option.

Maybe you've already heard or seen this ESPN report from Jeremy Schaap. The essence: An X-ray of Favre's partially torn right biceps tendon was sent Thursday to Minnesota officials, who are currently evaluating it. As we pointed out here, there are two surgical options for addressing the injury. If the Vikings determine it can be corrected with the minor version, known as a "tenotomy," then Schaap reports Favre will come out of retirement and play for the Vikings.

According to Schaap, Favre will remain retired only if it is determined he needs major surgery. Based on the research we did this week, that procedure would have to be a "tenodesis" -- which requires up to six months of rehabilitation. With training camp three months away, it's a moot point.

This story has spun totally out of control, and I'm not sure if I can make reasonable sense out of it anymore. Schaap's report suggests Favre's medical records were sent to the Vikings ON THE SAME DAY that a Yahoo! Sports story reported that Favre told coach Brad Childress he doesn't want to play in 2009.

I know many of you are tired of this subject and are concerned with how it's playing out through anonymous sources. I share your pain. We've heard the continued denials from Favre's agent, Bus Cook, including one Friday on the existence of the X-rays. But we've heard nothing from the two primary figures here: Favre and Childress. Experience tells me they have their reasons for not commenting, and it probably relates to the minute-by-minute fluidity of the story.

I guess we have to accept that it's not over until Favre and Childress say it is. And we haven't heard that from either yet.