The extent of Favre's shoulder damage

Posted by ESPN.com's Kevin Seifert
Monday morning, we pointed out the two remaining obstacles to Brett Favre signing with Minnesota. ESPN injury analyst Stephania Bell continues to emphasize one of them.

In an appearance Monday on ESPN's "First Take," Bell said evidence from the outside suggests Favre could have more damage in his right shoulder than previously revealed.

First off, let's make clear that Bell has neither examined Favre nor had access to his medical records. But based on her experience in treating torn biceps tendons, Bell suggested that Favre should be able to throw relatively pain-free -- although perhaps not at full strength -- at this point in his rehabilitation. The fact that he is not, as reported by ESPN's Chris Mortensen and Ed Werder, means he could be facing additional problems in the shoulder.

Bell: "I think the biggest thing [the report] tells us is that the biceps tendon is likely not the only structure responsible for his shoulder pain. In an almost 40-year-old quarterback who has been throwing overhead for years, you're bound to have wear and tear throughout the shoulder. And even if the biceps is largely responsible for the pain that limited him last year, biceps injuries usually happen in conjunction with other things like rotator cuff problems."

Bell said the surgery will give Favre a "litmus test" to determine how much of his pain can be attributed to the biceps injury, and how much of it -- if any -- has other origins. Regardless, Favre should know how effective the surgery was within a few weeks' time.

Here's the video of Bell's appearance: