Fortune shines on Brett Favre's shoulder


I'm not sure if 31 or so hours will make a difference, but Brett Favre will now have another full day to rest his sprained SC joint before testing it out to determine whether or not he can continue his 297-game streak of consecutive starts.

The NFL just announced that the Minnesota Vikings' game against the New York Giants has been pushed back to Monday night. We don't immediately have details on time and television. The Vikings will now have two consecutive Monday night games; they'll play the Chicago Bears on Dec. 20.

As you know, the Giants are stranded Saturday night in Kansas City and were planning to fly to the Twin Cities first thing Sunday morning. That made for a tight schedule regardless, but my understanding is that the condition of the Metrodome roof was also a cause for the delay.

Typically, Metrodome operators use heaters to melt snow accumulation on the roof to prevent collapse. The amount of snow received Saturday, as well as high winds expected Saturday night, made that task difficult to complete. The NFL noted that "Metrodome officials" recommended a pushback of game time.

The upshot is that Favre gets more time to rest an injury he said has left him "more indecisive' than he has ever been about continuing his streak. You've got to love it.